Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Barbie's and Francie's 1970s hairpieces reused

Mattel reused or recreated some of the hairpieces that it made for Francie in 1970 and Barbie in 1971 as the #8640 Hair Originals in 1973.

Also, the braided hairband that was used in the 1968 Hair Fair set reappeared in Francie's Hair Happenin's, with a revision.

Starting at the beginning:

1968 saw the first Hair Fair set, #4042.  This set included a hairband with a braid across the top and bookended by two rose decorations.  I wrote about it here:


One of the 1970 doll sets was Hair Happenin's Francie, who wore a blonde pageboy. Some of these dolls, unfortunately, have the dried-out straw-like hair which turns almost white.  One of her accessories was a similar hairband, only this time its two end pieces are pink ribbons.

A 1971 doll set was Barbie with Growin' Pretty Hair.  She came with different hairpieces than Francie did; one of them was a series of curls attached to an elastic band to wrap around the head; another was a ponytail with four long curls.

Hair Originals was shown in the 1972/1973 and 1973 clothing booklets.  Hair sets were available in blonde and brunette and what the booklet called "auburn" (not the previous "titian" that was often used).  The blonde sets included the aforementioned Barbie and Francie hairpieces.

So what are the dolls wearing?

Twist N Turn Barbie body with a Hair Fair head in 1855 Team Ups, both from 1968.

Hair Happenin's Francie in 1763 The Entertainer, both from 1970.

Quick Curl Barbie in 7700 A Barbie Doctor's Professional Attire, both from 1973.

Since the Quick Curl dolls hair is prone to thinning,
adding a Hair Originals piece gives Barbie thicker hair.

Note the braided hairpiece that came with Hair Happenin's Francie,
as shown in the 1970 clothing booklets.

All three hairpieces that were sold
with Barbie with Growin' Pretty Hair
also were included in the blonde Hair Originals set.

The clothing booklet on top is from late 1973.
The booklet on the bottom is from early 1973
and shows both 1972 and 1973 outfits.

A comparison of the 1968 hairband with roses and the 1970 hairband with ribbons.
Francie's hairband was supposed to have longer pieces hanging down
but they appear to have been chopped off at the factory.

Look closely at the attached Hair Originals piece--
you can see the elastic band wrapped around Barbie's hair.

Monday, March 1, 2021

Hair Fair changes for 1969

Hair Fair got a new number in 1969, #4043.  The long braid was omitted and substituted with a fake ponytail with two bouncy Buffy/Cindy/Nellie curls, and a long straight ponytail.

In 1971 the packaging was changed and the set was given a third number, #4044.  The contents were almost the same, only this time the head had centered blue eyes.  As before, blonde items are easier to find than brunette.

The doll photo that you see shows three of the items we received as part of a Hair Fair Christmas gift in 1970.  As an adult collector, it's my theory that what we got was at the end of the production line.  The blonde head has very sparse hair.  The blonde wiglet has no attached elastic strap to fit over the head.  The brunette wig has a huge bald spot.  We also got the twirly ponytail and the straight ponytail.  I don't ever remember seeing instructions on ways to wear the pieces, nor do I remember any pins or attachments, and I wonder if they were there in the package at all?  I wonder if perhaps my mother bought the item on clearance?

The original long ponytail we had disappeared decades ago.  I never knew what to do with the curly piece, as the only girls I knew who wore their hair like that were Buffy Davis, Cindy Brady and Nellie Olsen, and one set of curls on the side looks pretty dumb.  Again, it wasn't until I was an adult collector that I learned that these pieces were supposed to come with little attachments, and the piece with the blue barrette was meant to be worn on the back of the head.  Note that the brunette double curls I acquired as an adult is also missing its barrette, which was probably another end-of-run item.

The 1969 and 1970 Hair Fair items vary in quality.

This photo is from the 1969 booklet,
Barbie's World, Bright, Swinging Now.

The same photo as the 1969 booklet was reprinted
in the 1970 Living Barbie booklets.

1971 had a new package and stock number for Hair Fair but the same contents.

Hair Fair heads and hairpieces vary in quality and quantity

My next series of brief articles are going to be about some of the hairpieces sold over the years for Barbie dolls.  The posts will not cover all of them, as I do not own many of them.  The mod era hair items are the easiest to find, even more so than the ones from the 80s and 90s.  The hair itself ranges from sparse to overly abundant.

The variety of heads and wigs sold with and/or for the dolls during the haute couture period up until 1966 have been written about and widely photographed elsewhere.  I don't have many of these pieces at all so am writing about 1968 and after.

Sunday, February 28, 2021

1968 booklets show prototype and actual packaging for 4042 Hair Fair

The first of the Barbie Hair Fair sets, #4042, was released in 1968.  This set has a Barbie head with pageboy, a flip wig, a "wiglet," a very long braid with an intertwined ribbon and a gold barrette, and a hairband with a braid and roses.  Blonde heads and hairpieces are much more abundant than the brunette items.

The 1968 booklets show two different packages.  In the booklet The World of Barbie Fashions Book 1, dated 1967, the actual 1968 #4042 Hair Fair Set with green and purple packaging is shown.

The booklet The World of Barbie Fashions Book One (note that this version has the digit spelled out) is dated 1968 and was released in early 1969.  It has 1969 clothing pictured, but the new Talking Ken is not yet shown and some of the girl dolls are shown in their 1968 outfits.  Ironically, this later booklet has what I believe is a prototype package for #4042, with faceless dolls pictured and what looks like the 1965 American Girl Barbie.

What is a "wiglet"? It's actually a very fancy chignon or bun.  Put it on the top of the head a doll wearing a ballgown.

Barbie in Team Ups wears the hairband and holds two braids with darker pink ribbons.
Barbie in Zokko wears a full wig and holds a braid with a lighter pink ribbon.

The actual 1968 4042 Hair Fair packaging shows
two Barbies, Francie and Casey wearing hairpieces.

It's my theory that the 68/69 booklet shows a prototype of 4042 Hair Fair,
with incomplete faces and no plastic covering.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Some examples of Ken's coats

Ken coats can be just as loud and impractical as Barbie's.  Here are some examples.  Top row:

Free Moving Ken in Best Buy 7227 trench coat, both from 1975, and Best Buy 7759 shirt and slacks from 1974 underneath.  7759 is called Vacation in Europe.

Tropical Ken in Twice as Nice 2306, both from 1986.  This trench coat has three names: Living it up in London in the U.S., and Double Coat and Autumn in Europe.

Bottom row

Ken in 1433 Play it Cool, both from 1970

Ken in Fashion Avenue 14677, both from 1996

Caucasian Day to Night Ken in Twice as Nice 9116, both from 1985.  The "Thriller" windbreaker outfit is called Motor Mania in the U.S.  and Disco in Europe.  Underneath Ken wears the shirt from 5822 Cool N Casual from 1983.

Coats that no one would wear in real life

Not all of the Barbie and family coats are practical or useful.  Many of them are fanciful and don't represent anything a person would wear in real life, even during the mod era.  Four examples are

Blonde Living Barbie in 1799 Maxi N Midi, both from 1970.  I wanted this outfit as a little girl and it was one of the first outfits I purchased as an adult collector.

White Stacy in 1813 Snug Fuzz, both from 1968.  I wanted this outfit as a little girl and it was one of the first outfits I purchased as an adult collector.  Also as an adult collector, I learned that this ridiculous fur suit was adapted from one of Coco Chanel's practical, business suit designs.
Brunette Twist N Turn Barbie in 1860 Smasheroo, both from 1968.  Although I did not know about this outfit as a girl, it was one of the first I acquired as an adult collector.  I found it loose and complete at an antique mall.

Brunette Twist N Turn Skipper in 1972 Drizzle Sizzle, both from 1969.  The clear vinyl boots are almost impossible to get over Skipper's soft feet.  Now that the boots are on they are staying on!

Barbie and family also own a lot of raincoats

Ken seems very drab in his beige trench coat and slacks next to Barbie, Skipper and Janet in their cheery colored raincoats!  The dolls are, left to right,

Happy Meal Janet in 10747 Raincoat, School Outfit and School Tools, both from 1994.

Brunette Twist N Turn Barbie in 1808 Drizzle Dash, both from 1967, and 1862 Country Caper from 1969.

Pink skin redhaired bend leg Skipper in 1939 Flower Showers and 1940 Rolla Scoot, all from 1967.

Redhaired straight leg Midge in 949 Raincoat and a mustard yellow Sheath Knit Dress, all from 1963.

Redhaired gray skinned straight leg Skipper in 1916 Rain or Shine, with1910 Sunny Pastels underneath, all from 1965.

Brunette molded hair Ken in 788 Rally Day, both from 1962.  Underneath he wears the shirt to 782 Casuals from 1961.

SunSet Malibu Barbie in 3409 Red for Rain, both from 1971.  Since I didn't have any appropriate outfits for her to wear underneath, all she has on is her light blue swimsuit!

The fabric for Raincoat, Rain or Shine, Rally Day and Red for Rain is poplin, and I presume it is supposed to be waterproof?!