Friday, September 3, 2021

New or revised on etsy, Sept. 3, 2021

 I have revised a number of items to sell on etsy and added a new one.

1960s Totsy items (I added the hangers)

1963 Barbie, Ken and Midge clothes

1980s Barbie paper dolls (I added Western Barbie)

1988 Hasbro Kristen NRFB

Vogue Ginny doll and items

Two Woolworth dolls (the Dress Me doll has just been added)

clothes for 14-inch 1950s fashion doll

Yellowstone Kelley paper doll easier to find than actual doll

The first of numerous Barbie family and friends named Kelley/Kelly was the redhead Quick Curl Kelley in 1973.  She was recreated a year later as Yellowstone Kelley.

The Yellowstone doll is rare.  In 40 years of collecting, I have seen two loose versions of her, and I own one of them, in poor condition; her hair is chopped off and her arms fall off.  (In comparison, I have seen a #1 Barbie twice in four decades, which tells you just how hard to find YK is.)

Ironically, the Whitman paper doll set of her, #1956 from 1975, is easier to locate than the doll itself, but even that paper doll set is pretty rare.  There is no indication on the cover that she is a friend of Barbie's, except for the Mattel copyrights.  The clothes inside are a mixture of her original outfit, color variations of some 1974 Best Buys, and Whitman creations.

The cover is very different from the glamorous or cutesy Barbie paper dolls, with drawings of Kelley feeding a deer, rock climbing, campfire cooking and watching Old Faithful.  I am curious as to why this is the only United States National Park that Mattel has ever used, both past and present.  The various parks would make wonderful playsets for the dolls to use, and as far as I know, Barbie and Ken have never been park rangers.  I also wonder why Mattel chose to use the name "Yellowstone Kelley," as Yellowstone Kelly (no second "e") is the name of a 1959 western starring Clint Walker.  Did Mattel buy the rights to the name?

The other detail I wonder about with this doll is that she has beautiful auburn hair and a deep Malibu suntan.  The first Kelley doll was very fair-skinned.  Wouldn't someone with red hair out in the country be either covered completely with freckles, or suffer a severe sunburn?

The Yellowstone Kelley paper doll looks a little underdressed
to be hiking in the forest!

1974's Yellowstone Kelley is a rare Barbie friend,
and her paper doll set is hard to find.

Never understood the reasoning behind Kelley's original outfit,
with the red polka dot shirt clashing with the blue and white striped slacks

The blue gown is a variation of Barbie Best Buy 7757 from 1974. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Etsy page has been updated

I have updated my etsy pages.

I placed a banner photo across the top.  It's of my talking dolls, although you can see only the heads and torsos and not the entire outfit.  From left to right are:  three 1968 Barbies in Pedal Pushers, Smasheroo and Dressed Up; a 1970 Barbie in Tangerine Scene; a 1971 PJ in her original outfit; and a 1969 Stacey in Seaworthy.

I've also rearranged my items.  On the first and second page are, of course, my Barbie and family items, followed by clones and competitors, bigger dolls, small toys such as play dishes, followed by media (books, movies and music), clothing, jewelry and whatever else I have found.

Friday, August 6, 2021

etsy items Aug. 5, 2012

 Here are three items I've placed for sale on etsy in the past week.

Miscellaneous 1960s My Merry items

Two yearbooks and two scorebooks for the Cincinnati Reds, 1965, 1978 and 1979

I added a third set of paper dolls to the 1980s listing, Pretty Changes