Monday, November 28, 2022

1991 biggest year ever for Barbie weddings

1991 was the biggest year ever for Barbie-related weddings.

First, of course, that year, was the marriage of Midge and Allan.  A huge doll set with the couple in their wedding outfits, Barbie and Ken as their attendants, a revived Todd as ring bearer, and a larger Kelly as the flower girl.  You could get the four adult dolls separately as well, plus a gift set with only Kelly and Todd, several playsets including a chapel, and four honeymoon outfits for Midge.

Of course, you could always buy a separate bridal gown for Barbie (there were at least four of them) and a tuxedo for Ken.  I recently discovered a gift set that I never knew existed from 1991 that had outfits for Barbie, Ken and a Barbie friend in a beautiful box that could be cut apart to make a small chapel with stained glass windows.

This was #793 Special Wedding Fashions Set.  It contained the Barbie bridal gown that you see pictured on the upper right, Ken Wedding Collection #8307, and a pink version of Barbie Fantasy Fashion, see the back of the box.

There is one puzzling item in this set.  If you look at the link of the Ken outfit, you will see him wearing this scarf on top of his tuxedo, and I think it looks incongruous.  It measures 1 inch wide by 11 inches long.  To me, it looks like the stole that a minister wears over the alb.  I guess if you have a loose white dress or robe that a fashion doll would wear, you could wrap the scarf around the neck?

The back of the unopened box can be cut in half
to make the sides of the chapel.

The dolls are all from 1991:
Wedding Day Ken from the Midge and Allan gift set,
Benetton Barbie and Disney Classics Belle.

The three outfits were also sold separately.

Now you can see Ken, Barbie and Midge all dressed up!

A closer view of the tuxedo and gowns.

What is this scarf?

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Most recent list of Little Free Libraries

Here is my most recent list of Little Free Libraries.  If you know of any others in the Greater Cincinnati area, please tell me.

  • Anderson: 1213 Eversole Road
  • Anderson: 6910 Salem Road, Beech Acres Park by the restrooms
  • Bridgetown:  Airycrest Lane and Diehl Road
  • Bridgetown:  4211 Turf Lane
  • Bridgetown:  4366 Bridgetown Road, St. Aloysius Gonzaga Church
  • Bridgetown: 6072 Lawrence Road, House of Grace Little Community Library
  • Carthage: 125 W. North Bend Road, Rising Stars/Carthage Elementary
  • Carthage: 6629 Vine St.
  • Cheviot: 3507 Glenmore Ave., Tepe Dentistry
  • Cheviot: 3629 Mozart Ave.
  • Cheviot: 4008 Smith Road
  • Clifton: 541 Terrace Ave.
  • Colerain: 3455 Poole Road, Ellenwood Nature Barn, Farbach-Werner Nature Preserve
  • Colerain: 10240 Dewhill Lane, Clippard Park
  • Covington: 1028 Scott Blvd., The Carnegie
  • Covington: 598-500 Levassor Place
  • Covington: 2709 Ashland Ave., Barb Cook Park
  • Covington: 301 Riverside Drive, George Rogers Clark Park
  • Delhi: 694 Pontius Road, Story Woods Park
  • Erlanger: 3007-A Rainbow Terrace, Rainbow Park
  • Erlanger: 3427-A Ridgewood Drive, Spring Valley Park
  • Erlanger: Dudley Road
  • Finneytown, 1150 Tassie Lane
  • Finneytown: 940 Timber Trail
  • Golf Manor: 2434 Ardmore Ave.
  • Golf Manor: 2521 Bremont Ave.
  • Golf Manor: 2426 Canterbury Ave.
  • Golf Manor: 2606 Canterbury Ave.
  • Golf Manor: 6033 Elbrook Ave.
  • Golf Manor: 6254 Elbrook Ave.
  • Golf Manor: 6343 Englewood Ave.
  • Golf Manor: 6122 Hammel Ave.
  • Golf Manor: 6035 Yosemite Drive
  • Greenhills: 10245 Winton Road in Winton Woods, one at Winton Center and one at the campground office
  • Greendale: 150 Oakey Ave., Oakey Park
  • Hyde Park: 2552 Observatory Ave.
  • Hyde Park: 3517 Pape Ave.
  • Independence: 3415 Mills Road, Middleton-Mills Road Park
  • Latonia: Dudley
  • Loveland: 6778 Little River Lane
  • Monfort Heights: 3707 Edgewood Drive, New Hope Community Church (on the left part of the circle)
  • Mt. Airy: 5730 Colerain Ave., Mt. Airy Elementary School
  • Mt. Healthy, 1445 Compton Road, Fibonacci Brewing Co.
  • North Avondale: 615 Clinton Springs Ave., North Avondale Montessori
  • North College Hill, 1950 W. Cordova Ave.
  • North College Hill, 6997 Hamilton Ave., St. Paul United Church of Christ.  It’s actually on Bising Avenue next to the church parking lot.
  • North College Hill, 6443 Hamilton Ave.
  • Norwood: 5340 Moeller Ave.
  • Norwood: 2434 Quatman Ave., at Quatman’s Cafe
  • Oakley: 3230 Bach Ave.
  • Reading: 113 Siebenthaler Ave.
  • Sayler Park: 6610 Parkland Ave., at the Painted Lady mansion
  • Sayler Park: 6720 Home City Ave., Sayler Park Recreation Center
  • Walnut Hills: 2728 Hackberry St.
  • Westwood: Cheviot Avenue at the YMCA, across from the driveway to St. James Episcopal Church
  • Westwood: 3427 Craig Ave.
  • Westwood: 3430 Craig Ave.
  • Westwood: 2873 Fischer Place
  • Westwood: 3115 Hanna Ave.
  • Westwood: 3064 Harrison Ave., Madcap Education Center (formerly the Cincinnati & Suburban Bell Telephone Co.)
  • Westwood: 3133 Penrose Place
  • Westwood: 3028 Ramona Ave., across from the back entrance to Mother of Mercy High School
  • Westwood: 3555 Werk Road
  • White Oak: 3130 Jessup Road, White Oak Middle School

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Etsy items for sale Sept. 13, 2022

These are the new or revised items I now have for sale on etsy.


Green flannel and cream muslin storage bags for silverware


Advance Barbie and Ken patterns


January 1965 issue of Woman's Day


Barbie Fashion Shiner coat

1970s Maddie Mod coats and skirt


Love Story books and DVD


Cherished Dolls to Make book

1986 1987 Barbie and the Rockers dolls and items (revised)


California Barbie and Ken items

Saturday, August 27, 2022

Wall Street Journal explains Barbiecore wear

The Wall Street Journal published an article about what is being called "Barbiecore," bright color-blocked clothing inspired by the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.  It was written by Katharine K. Zarrella and was published in the Aug. 20, 2022, issue.

I have a hard copy of the article (thanks, Barb!) and photographed it in sections.  You can look it up in The Wall Street Journal archives, but since there is a paywall (you have to have a subscription), I decided the easiest way for the public to read it online would be to photograph it in sections.  Look carefully at the photos--they are numbered.  If you click on a photo, it will be enlarged.

1.  The green outfits remind me
of a Clueless Mattel outfit from 1997.

2.  I've darkened the text so I hope you can read it!

3.  The clothing photos are supposed to look
like Barbie clothing in a box.

4.  This is nothing new.
Ken's outfits have always been LOUD!

Monday, August 15, 2022

West Coast Wave Barbie truck visits Kenwood

The 1971, 1979, 1982 and 1984 Malibu Barbies
that I brought with me to the Pop-Up Truck.

The decals with the 1980s logo were free.

Last year's T-shirt was black
and this year's is white.

The colors on the Pop-Up Truck are beautiful!

Lots of people were taking pictures
of themselves with the Pop-Up Truck.

No, Barbie merchandise isn't cheap!

Notice the Mercedes steering wheel logo
on the front of the van.

The 2022 Barbie Pop-Up Tour Truck came to Kenwood Towne Centre in Cincinnati on Saturday, Aug. 13, parked in front of Arhaus Furniture.  It was a completely different truck from what was driven in 2021.

It was advertised as the Malibu Barbie Pop-Up Truck Tour, but the van itself had "West Coast Wave" on it.  I looked up the vehicle itself; it is a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, and the license plate says, "BARBIER."  I explained to a mother and little daughter attending that Barbie's full name was Barbara Millicent Roberts, hence the "R."

Last year's truck visit was widely publicized and I had to stand in line to get to the van.  This year had almost no advertising and the only reason I knew about it was because my friend Meg in Southern California sent me an article about it!

I took four of my Malibu Barbies with me to show the sellers in the van, and the one guy was thrilled that I brought them.  I brought with me the 1971 SunSet, 1979 Sun Lovin', 1982 SunSational and 1984 Sun Gold, all redressed in outfits from the same year that they were sold.  The logo on the side of the truck was the the curlicue one that was used between 1976 and 1992.

There weren't any items designed for Barbie dolls for sale.  You can see what was sold in the photo I took of the sign.  I bought the T-shirt, which has the 1970s stretchy trim on the sleeves and collar.  I also got two decals.

Here is a link to the tour:

Thursday, August 11, 2022

You can ignore these photos

I am placing these two photos here because I am creating links to them for two unrelated topics.  The actual websites don't allow submitted photos, only text.

Picture at Thrifty Treasures
in Frankenmuth, MI.

TV schedule
from The Journal-Gazette
of Fort Wayne, IN, Aug. 10, 2022