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Houses et al 1970 to 1974

Ken and Ken want to go sailing.  Tuli and Chocho want to hike.  Francie and Barbie plan to shop. Skipper wants to stay at camp. The other Barbie is dressed for tennis.  Nothing is final yet.  Not everyone has their shoes on.
I couldn't resist.  I had to set up this scene
like the painting American Gothic.
PJ, Skipper and Barbie sneak around
to the back of Cafe' Today.
Barbie, Skipper and PJ wait for the Cafe' Today to open.
Cafe' Today is very casual--shoes optional. 
Flight attendant Roberts and Captain Carson
greet passengers Kelley and Steffie
waiting to board the Friend Ship.
Steffie and Kelley have their private accommodations
aboard the Friend Ship.
(Yes, I know Barbie's lost one of her shoes and Ken doesn't have any at all!)
How many things are wrong in this photo?
No helmets, the Jones baby is unsecured
and Barbie's feet can't reach the petals!
The best Skipper playset ever--the Swing-A-Rounder Gym.
You seldom see the back of the Lively Livin'/
Live Action House with the patios closed up.
Although we don't know the name of the street that Barbie lives on,
her house number is 5150.
The fences of the Live Action house stand up better
than the ones for Lively Livin'.
I own only the coat to Long on Leather.
The rest of the outfit that Francie is wearing is #1245 Snake Charmers.
The Mountain Ski Cabin is very cozy inside.

1970 #4983
Cafe’ Today
Made by Mattel
The exterior is pink wood with a fountain and white trellis.  The interior is stone walls with yellow appliances and a purple linoleum polka dot print floor.  This was my sister Barb's as a child, and I have permanently "borrowed" it.

My dolls are Living Barbie in #1510 Glamour Group, Twist N Turn PJ in #1792 Mood Matchers, Bend Leg Ken in #1589 Red, White and Wild, and Living Skipper #1513 Young Ideas, all from 1970.

1971 (dated 1969) #4961
Live Action House
Made by Mattel
The exterior is yellow wood with red dormered rooftops (second version of the house, with different construction pieces).  The house number is 5150. The interior has a bedroom and balcony with AstroTurf upstairs, a living room with a shuffleboard and pond outside, and a kitchen with a swing and more AstroTurf outside.  For Live Action dolls
The first version of the house, sold in 1970, was called the Lively Livin' House, and each piece was separate and took a while to put together.  (I had this house as a girl, which is why I know this, but that house is long gone.)
The Live Action House was the second version with some panels and connecting pieces combined, and could be put together much more quickly, but it is not as sturdy.  (I purchased this as an adult collector.)  Also different is the way that the fencing is installed, which allows it to be more erect.
The third version, in 1972, was called Barbie's Surprise House and was the Live Action House plus some ivy seeds that could be planted to grow in small containers.

My dolls are Live Action Barbie in #3408 Super Scarf, Live Action Ken in #1439 Suede Scene and Live Action PJ in #3401 Fringe Benefits, all from 1971.

1971 (dated 1970) #4994
Country Camper
Made by Mattel
The exterior is yellow and orange Fiberglass.  The interior is orange.  The tent came in solid orange, orange and yellow gingham or an orange print.  This was my sister Barb's as a girl, and I have permanently "borrowed" it.  For SunSet Malibu dolls

My dolls are Malibu Barbie in #3412 Fun Flakes, Malibu Ken in #1472 Sea Scene, Malibu Skipper in #3467 Teeter Timers and Malibu Francie in #3458 Olde Look, all from 1971.

1974 (dated 1973) #8669
Goin’ Campin’
Made by Mattel.  I've combined this with the Country Camper.
Tent-Trailer with an orange base and a yellow tent.  For SunSet Malibu dolls

My dolls are Sun Valley Ken #7837 Tennis Gear Set to Score, SunSet Malibu Barbie in #7842 Neatest Tennis Set at the Net, Curl Chocho in #7848 Beachy Bits for Sunny Fun, and Curl Tuli-Chan in #7846 Rough N Ready Comfy Camp-Ins, all from 1974.

1972 (dated 1971) #4284

Barbie Garden Patio
For the Busy and Talking Busy dolls, because they can hold the gardening tools.

My dolls are SunSet Malibu PJ in #3486 O-Boy Corduroy and Walk Lively Ken in #3378 Western Winner, all from 1972.

1972 (dated 1971) #1179
Swing-A-Rounder Gym
Made by Mattel
Orange and pink swing set.  For Pose N Play Skipper and Tiff

My dolls are Skipper in #3295 Turn Abouts and Tiff in #3372 Fun Runners.

1973 (dated 1972) #4283
Mountain Ski Cabin
The exterior is white wood paneling.  The interior is wood paneling with a fireplace, bunk beds and a storage closet.  For Quick Curl dolls
Pictured is 1970 blonde Twist N Turn Francie in #1760 Long on Leather from 1970

My dolls inside the cabin are Quick Curl Kelley in #8682 New Fashion Coat and #8681 Chic & Neat, Quick Curl Skipper in #8613 Winter Day and #8611 School Starts, and Quick Curl Barbie in #8687 Pantsuit with Fur, all from 1973.

1973 (dated 1972) #8639
Friend Ship
Made by Mattel
The exterior is white painted metal with black, blue and red United Airlines trim.  The interior has white print walls and red flooring.  For Quick Curl dolls
Pictured in the storage compartment are #3429 Cold Snap from 1971, a generic blue trench coat, #3338 Mainly for Rain from 1972 and #8682 New Fashion Coat from 1973.
The pilot is 1972 Walk Lively Ken in #7707 Authentic United Airlines Pilot Uniform from 1973.

My dolls are Quick Curl Barbie in #7703 Authorized United Airlines Stewardess, Mod Hair Ken in the pilot uniform and Quick Curl Kelley in New Fashion Coat and #8681 Chic and Neat, all from 1973.  Also, Walk Lively Steffie in Mainly for Rain and #3337 All American Girl, all from 1972.

1974 (dated 1973) #7777
Made by Mattel
Yellow bicycle.  Unfortunately, it will not stand up by itself.  For Malibu dolls

My dolls are the 1974 SunSet Malibu Barbie in Best Buy #7813 with the Barbie Babysits baby (AKA the Jones baby or Little Sweets) in the basket.

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