Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Barbie house decorated for Christmas

"Brrr!  It's cold out here!  We're ready to come inside," yell Cheryl and PJ as they stand outside the Barbie Dream House

I made my own Christmas cards to send out this year.  Barbie, of course!
In January 2018, I decorated the 1978 orange, yellow and white Barbie Dream House with some of its furniture, plus a tree with trimmings and other small items I've accumulated over the years.   All the dolls and outfits in the house were from Mattel and made between 1978 and 1982.  Naturally, I took photos.
Everyone admires each other's outfits.
From left to right are
Barbie, Ken, Cheryl and PJ.
The dolls and outfits I used were:
1. Pretty Changes Barbie in 1010 Disco Dazzle, both from 1979
2. Hawaiian Ken in 2800 Blue Chip Dressing, both from 1979
3. Western Skipper from 1981 in 3781 Elegant from 1982
Pets are always ready
to help decorate for Christmas.
4. Sun Lovin' PJ from 1980 in 3787 Winter Sports from 1982 and a European Fur and Leather coat and skirt from 1980
5. TV's Star Woman Cheryl Ladd in Best Buy 2560, both from 1978
"We were supposed to
put the lights on the tree first,"
Kristy reminds Skipper.
6. Letitia "Buddy" Lawrence (Kristy McNichol) in her original outfit, from 1979
7. Barbie's Afghan hound Beauty from 1980
I bought the tree from a floral store in 2017. The gifts under the tree are boxes I've accumulated over the years; I think one of them held jewelry. The lights that Kristy and Skipper are holding are a battery-operated necklace which doesn't work anymore. I found the fireplace at a craft show years ago.
If you look closely you will find numerous old items: my sister found the Kings Island TV at a garage sale--the set dates from the early 70s; and the tiny Nativity in the triangular stable is from the late 60s and was my grandmother's. The clock on the chimney also dates from the early 1970s. It was actually a child's plastic fake watch with a holographic dial. I just cut off the band and glued the watch itself over the fireplace.
The oldest item were two ornaments that belonged to my father and were from the 1950s. There is a wooden barrel on the second floor, and you can kind of see a tan balsa birdhouse dangling from the tree.
I do not know the origins behind the barrel and the birdhouse. When I was a little girl I'd shake the barrel and hear something inside. I realize now that the barrel was a type of puzzle and there was probably a trick to open it. I never figured out the trick. I eventually just broke open the barrel and found the birdhouse inside. Even 40 years ago I wanted to use that birdhouse with my Barbie dolls and I finally found the ideal setting for it this year!

Items placed on etsy in December

Here are some items I've placed for sale on etsy in recent weeks:

sewing kits for fashion dolls

five cardboard jewelry gift boxes

Mego Maddie Mod and Candi items

Ideal Tuesday Taylor and Jody

Krementz gold rose clip earrings

Mattel Hot Looks Super Accessory Tote NRFB

Monday, November 12, 2018

Two illegal(?) ads in Surfing magazine

Barbie and Todd
and an assortment of aliens and soldiers
get tans at the beach.

The Spyder surfboards ad
featuring Baywatch Barbie is a little risque'.
I tore out these two ads from Surfing magazine years ago.  Surfing is a real magazine, and you can find it in the sports sections of magazines for sale in larger bookstores, even in locations far from the ocean.
The color one advertising Sun Britches board shorts is from September 1984.  It pictures Sunsational Malibu Barbie, Bridegroom Todd, Mattel Man E Faces from He-Man (the burgundy and purple alien), and Overlord (red spiked helmet) and a lime green demon from Galoob's Blackstar.  There are also some generic plastic Army men.  Notice that Barbie's and Todd's swimsuits are handmade by Sun Britches.
I don't know the date on the black-and-white ad for Spyder surfboards, but it would have had to have been some time in 1995 or after, as that was when Baywatch Barbie was sold.
These ads are highly amusing, but I suspect they violate all sorts of copyright laws.  I was surpised that the editors and publishers of Surfing allowed them to be printed in the magazine.  I also never read about any complaints from Mattel and Galoob after their publication.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Disney mask and costume playsets are really creepy!

Since Pretty Changes Barbie has short hair,
she is modeling 1991's 2421
Wicked Stepmother Mask & Costume Playset.

I don't remember which Barbie wears
1993's 4613 Maleficent Mask & Costume Playset,
but doesn't she look like Samantha Stevens in the outfit?

One of my umpteen My First Barbies is in the
1991 2419 Fairy Godmother Mask & Costume Playset.

1993's 7784 The Queen Mask & Costume Playset
is the most beautiful of the Disney costumes,
and makes a great witch's outfit for Barbie.
There were four mask and costume playsets sold with the Mattel Disney dolls in the 1990s.  Mattel came up with a clever way to make four new dolls that were far more inexpensive than actually selling the dolls themselves!

The outfits were:
1991 2419 Cinderella Fairy Godmother
1991 2421 Cinderella Wicked Stepmother
1993 7784 Snow White The Queen
1993 4613 Sleeping Beauty Maleficent

The outfits were beautiful and the heads were highly detailed and stunning yet scary.  The masks were actually entire heads, with three of them being slit in the back to fit over another doll's head.  The Wicked Queen comes with a face attached to black wrap-around cloth to pull over a doll's head.

The Fairy Godmother is a good character, but is creepy because of her huge staring eyes.  The pink gown for the Wicked Stepmother, whose name was Lady Tremaine in Cinderella, looks very Barbie-ish if worn without the mask.

You will need a Barbie with short hair or hair tied tightly back (or altogether bald!) wearing the costume in order to fit the mask over her head.  In the photos I pulled the masks/heads back so that you can see actual doll underneath.

Here comes the sales pitch:  I have a separate Queen Mask outfit listed in etsy:

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Skipper tops it off

Camp Skipper shows off her selection of baseball caps (notice the coral one she has on): (first row) Warm N Wonderful, Young Ideas and Hearts N Flowers; (second row), Super Slacks, Best Buy 2237 and Skinny Stripes; (third row), Little Leaguer, Fashion Collectible 2805 and Shorts Subject; and (fourth row) Buddy's cap.

Today I am writing about Skipper's headwear.  She competes with Barbie for the variety of hats that she owns.  As with my other articles, I am showing you only some of what I have, so not every piece of head gear is listed.

Two Stetsons
Both Western and Horse Lovin' Skipper wore the same white Stetson (left),
while the red cowgirl hat came with Create Western Designs Around the Rope Shapes.
1982 Western Skipper white vinyl Stetson with a black tie (also used for the 1983 Horse Lovin' Skipper)
1994 #11604 Create Western Designs Around the Rope Shapes red vinyl Stetson

Berets are said to be "jaunty."
Top row shows So Active #7983 and Class Act,
and bottom row has Going to School and City Shopping.
Four berets
1976 #9121 Going to School red plaid cotton beret with black ribbon
1979 #2809 City Shopping mustard felt beret
1985 So Active #7983 red cotton knit beret
1989 #2629 Class Act red cotton knit beret with elastic tie

A cap which was once used to keep hair away as you cleaned
became a dressy hat in the 1960s.
Top row:  Super Dreamy for Sleepover Parties and
Biceentennial Fashion, Patriotic and Pretty
bottom row:  Lacey Charmer and Party Timer
and the cap from Hats N Hats.

Four mob caps
These caps were popular for covering the hair in the 1700s.  The Wikipedia entry says that poor women were seen wearing these when they were rioting, hence the term "mob."
1965 Pack Hats N Hats, pink cotton mob cap with white trim
1973 #7713 Super Dreamy for Sleepover Parties lime green cotton cap with white eyelet trim
1976 #9165 Bicentennial Fashion, Patriotic and Pretty white cotton cap with lace
1977 #9746 Lacey Charmer and Party Timer light blue cotton cap with lace and black ribbon trim

Most women wear straw hats on only two occasions, Easter and Derby Day.
Here are Peppermint Rose's original hat, Red Sensation,
Cool Tops 9080 and an American Greetings hat for Rose
which came on a greeting card.

Four straw hats
1964 #1901 Red Sensation natural straw hat with orange ribbon
1990 Cool Tops #9080 white fabric straw hat with black houndstooth trim
1993 Peppermint Rose original vinyl purple straw hat
1993 American Greetings Peppermint Rose straw hat that came on a greeting card (and looks better on Rose than her original one)

I'd have sold my soul as a little girl to have one of these winter hats:
Dressed in Velvet, All Over Felt, Winter Day and Wooly Winner

Four winter hats
1970 #1745 Wooly Winner red wool cap with blue vinyl trim
1971 #3476 All Over Felt large light blue felt cap
1971 #3477 Dressed in Velvet pink velvet cap with white fur trim
1973 #8613 Winter Day red felt cap with white fur trim

Every girl owned a number of these knitted hats growing up in the 1960s and 1970s:
(top row) Turn Abouts, Warm Weather Weekend Wardrobe and Sidelights;and
(bottom row) Plaid City, For Schooltime Playtime Anytime, Mesh Mode
and Long N Short of It.

Seven knit caps
The actual yarn caps must have been hand-knitted with very tiny needles and thin yarn.  I doubt a machine could have made them in the 1960s and 1970s.
1969 #1977 Plaid City aqua knitted cap with matching pompom
1970 pack Side Lights yellow knitted cap with matching pompom
1971 #3478 Long N Short of It white and red striped knitted cap with red pompom
1972 #3295 Turn Abouts red, orange and gold double knit cap with orange pompom
1976 #9166 Warm Weather Weekend Wardrobe navy knit cap
1977 #9708 Mesh Mode blue poor boy ribbed knit fabric cap
1977 #9749 For School Time, Play Time, Any Time red, blue and olive knit fabric hat

None of Skipper's headwear is more varied than that of her flower girl outfits.
Top row: Romantic Wedding, Flower Girl in a Party Whirl and Flower Girl.
Bottom row, 1983 Wedding of the Year, 1980 Wedding Party, 1985 Wedding Party,
Flower Girl Flair so Prettily and 1990 Wedding of the Year.

Eight flower girl veils or caps
1964 #1904 Flower Girl floral wreath
1974 #7847 Flower Girl, Flair so Prettily yellow lace hairband
1978 #2307 Flower Girl in a Party Whirl yellow satin bonnet with lace trim
1980 #1419 Wedding Party Flower Girl Frills white lace cap with light blue satin ribbon trim
1983 #5746 Wedding of the Year Flower Girl silver hairband with pink rose
1985 #7968 Wedding Party Flower Girl pink lace cap
1987 #3106 Romantic Wedding blue lace cap with light blue ribbon trim
1990 #3791 Wedding of the Year Junior Bridesmaid silver hairband with lavender lace trim

Not all hats are sensible, some are just fun: (top row) Beauty Pageant bowler,
All Spruced Up beanie, Baton Twirling majorette hat and Red Set for Rain rainhat; and
(bottom row) Beauty Bath shower cap, Popover bonnet, Skating Fun fur bonnet and Dress Coat cap.

Eight miscellaneous headwear items
1964 #1906 Dress Coat red velvet hat
1964 #1908 Skating Fun fake fur bonnet
1965 Pack Beauty Bath shower cap
1967 #1941 All Spruced Up white beanie with orange ribbon trim
1967 #1943 Popover white eyelet bonnet
1977 #9747 Red Set for Rain, red and clear vinyl cap with red vinyl trim
1991 Beauty Pageant Skipper hard plastic pink bowler with silver ribbon trim
1993 Baton Twirling Skipper hard plastic dark pink majorette hat with pink and orange ribbon trim and a silver tie

Headscarves are a lost art--no one wears them anymore.
Here are Skipper's Pants N Pinafore, Garden Party, Can You Play?, Beach Party,
Day at the Fair, Best Buy 9126, Fun Runners and Beachy Bits for Sunny Fun.

Eight scarves
1965 #1911 Day at the Fair white Barbie print fabric cotton scarf
1966 #1923 Can You Play? red with white polka dots cotton scarf with ruffle trim and long ties
1969 #1971 Pants N Pinafore orange cotton fabric scarf with ruffle trim and long ties
1972 #3372 Fun Runners bandanna
1973 #7848 Beachy Bits for Sunny Fun loud print headband/scarf with elastic tie
1976 Best Buy #9126 red cotton scarf with eagle print
1977 #9707 Garden Party red print cotton scarf with white lace ruffle trim and long red ties
1980 #1409 Beach Party red scarf with blue trim

The rounded cotton cap's official name is a sailor or gob cap,
but most folks call it a Gilligan cap.  This is Skipper's Land N Sea.

Eleven baseball caps, sun visors and sunhats (see top photo)
1965 Ricky #1504 Little Leaguer red vinyl baseball cap
1965 #1917 Land N Sea Blue chambray sailor gob cap (also known as a Gilligan hat)
1967 #1945 Hearts N Flowers green flowered baseball cap
1968 #1956 Skinny Stripes orange felt baseball cap
1968 #1959 Warm N Wonderful aqua vinyl baseball cap (also in 1970 pack Happy Times)
1970 #1513 Sears Young Ideas baseball cap (in umpteen colors and patterns)
1970 #1736 Super Slacks red cap with white flower pattern and red bill
1979 Kristy McNichol as Buddy yellow baseball cap
1979 Fashion Collectible #2805 yellow baseball cap
1979 #2811 Shorts Subject white baseball cap
1994 Camp Skipper original apricot parachute nylon baseball cap