Sunday, November 13, 2016

willows in the 1990s, part 4

Remarkably, no one got into an argument despite their close living quarters while camping.  From left to right are 1993 Baton Twirling Skipper in #10077 Create Outrageous Fashions with Sweetheart Rhinestones, 1995 Spirit of Love Pocahontas in her original outfit, 1994 Camp Skipper in her original outfit, Cool Tops Skipper in her original outfit, 1994 35th Anniversary Barbie in Greatest Barbecue Ever, 1995 Spirit of Love John Smith in his original outfit, 1995 Sun Colors Nakoma in her original outfit and Camp Ken in his original outfit.
They brought plenty of food for camping!
This is a combination of the food that came
with the Pocahontas playset and the motor home.
The X stand on the right is for drying fish,
of which plenty was caught.  I think they might be trout.

Here's a better view of Camp Ken and the Baywatch Jeep.

Wishing Well Park in the 1970s (which I wrote about last week) by the 1990s had been changed to Willows Park (I just made all that up).  It's still a good place to go camping, offered with either full amenities or for completely roughing it.  Both versions can be seen here, side by side.

Contemporary camping was quite popular, as Mattel made many playsets for it in the 1990s.  Some of them were the #7460 Cool Tops Skipper Vespa Motorbike in 1990, the #11620 Starlight Motor Home tent in 1994 and the #67206 Baywatch Rescue Wheels Jeep in 1994.  Yet there were also numerous horses sold, as exemplified by Skipper's palomino pony #10081 Chelsie in 1993, and the various Pocahontas playsets in 1995, such as the #67218 Powhatan Village Play Set.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Willows in the 1970s, part 2

The dolls are 1974 SunSet Malibu Ken, the 1977 Jones baby from Barbie Babysits, 1971 SunSet Malibu Francie, 1974 Curl Tuli-Chan, 1971 SunSet Malibu Skipper, 1974 Curl Chocho, 1975 SunSet Malibu Barbie, 1979 Sun Lovin' Malibu Ken, 1974 SunSet Malibu Barbie, and 1976 Young Sweethearts Melinda and Michael.

"Thank heavens for Google!" I've said a number of times in the past 10 years.  Without it, I would not have been able to ascertain that the 1971 Country Camper is a Dodge Conversion Van, the 1974 pop up trailer is by Bethany Fellowship, the bicycle from 1974 was probably copied from a Schwinn and the tree in the 1976 Young Sweethearts Wishing Well Park is called a snowdrop tree.

Today I discovered that the tree in the Wishing Well set can be either a snowdrop tree with little white bell flowers, or it can be an apple tree with fruit hanging from it.  I also realized that the Ten-Speeder is actually a man's bike!  A woman's bike has the top bar running parallel to the bottom bar.

My 1970s dolls went camping at Wishing Well Park outside Willows.  I set up a display with the 1971 #4994 Country Camper; the pop up camper from the #8669 Goin' Campin' set; the pond, tree and bench from the 1976 #9538 Young Sweethearts Wishing Well Park; the bicycle from 1974 #7777 Ten-Speeder; and the pup tent and accessories from the 1979 #2316 Campin' Out.

I've shown all these pieces separately before, but not outside and not all together.  I'm not going to write all that much about these items or the dolls I've pictured with them, because I've done that before.  I was really pleased with the photos I took this time.  I don't know I'm getting better at setting up these little displays, if these items are easier to photograph or if I just lucked out with the weather and the backdrop today.

Barbie is in #3412 Fun Flakes and
Ken is in #1472 Casual Scene, both from 1971.

Ken is in Best Buy #7762, the Jones boy is in his original outfit, Francie is in #3458 Olde Look,
Tuli-Chan is in #7846 Rough N Ready Comfy Camp-Ins, Skipper is in #3467 Teeter Timers
and Chocho is in #7848 Beachy Bits for Sunny Fun.

They've put on their good clothes, have packed up and are ready to go home.

Here is the driver's side of the Country Camper with the attached tent closed.

Barbie in #7842 Neatest Tennis Set at the Net, plus the Campin' Out hat,
Ken in Fashion Collectible #1376 (from 1980),
Barbie in #7815 Palazzo Pants Outfit plus the visor from the tennis outfit because it matches
and Melinda and Michael in #9585 Party Day Blue.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Willows in the 1970s, part 1

Willows, Wisconsin, got many new businesses in the 1970s, but I have examples of only two of them.  The most exciting and most famous one is, of course, Barbie's Friend Ship from 1973, a United Airlines doll case/plane.  So Willows must have built its own airport.
The other business I am showing you is Cafe' Today.  Actually, it's my sister's from her childhood.  You've seen both of these playsets before, but now they are next to each other.
Once you disembark the plane, you can go there to eat.
Some of the other businesses Mattel created in the 1970s were:
1971 Unique Boutique
1976 Fashion Plaza
1977 Beauty Boutique
1978 Photo Studio.
I took some photos of the Cafe' Today and the Friend Ship outdoors.  The plane is on the sidewalk, which makes a good runway.  You've seen these dolls and items before, just not outside together.  I like showing the exteriors of the playsets with dolls, which you seldom see.

Twist N Turn PJ, Living Skipper and Bend Leg Ken catch Living Barbie trying to sneak into 1970's Cafe' Today.
The dolls and outfits also are from 1970.

The reason I have Kelley on the Friend Ship's cart is that she is disabled (her arms and legs tend to fall off).  Mod Hair Ken and Quick Curl Barbie are dressed in their United Airlines uniforms and Quick Curl Kelley is in two Best Buys (the coat is pictured in the interior of the plane).  Walk Lively Steffie in All-American Girl, both from 1972, matches the plane!

I tried, with only moderate success, to get both the plane and
the shop in the same photo, but the plane is simply too big!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

series of given names

Years ago I created a list on blogspot for writers who were looking for certain kinds of names.  I've updated the lists to include some more. If any of you think of any more, I'll be sure to add them and credit you.

Jewel names, girls:

Jewel names, boys:
Rocky (this can also be a nickname for Peter)

Place names.  Note that these were all place names before they were given names.

Place names, boys:
Jordan (this can also be a girl's name)

Plant names, girls:
Rhoda (it means "rose")

Virtue names, girls:

Monday, August 22, 2016

Miami Heights 1960-1966

I have again been asked to post some old photos for another website.  All of these photos were taken between 1960 and 1966 at our home in Miami Heights west of Cincinnati.  (I was born in 1961 and we moved to Bridgetown in 1967.)

My mother Rosemary is standing in front of the new house
which had just been built in 1960 on Shady Lane Road.

My sister Barb was 1 1/2 when this photo was taken
in 1964 with a neighbor's dog.

My father Jim took this photo, which is uncropped here, of the new Southernwood Drive subdivision
with a huge fire in the distance, sometime between 1965 and 1966.

Here are two more views of Southernwood Drive in 1965,
definitely much more peaceful and pleasant shots!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Grace wears Chanel

Princess Grace admits her feet are killing her
and has taken off her spike heels.
She's spent the day modeling for Chanel.

I have no idea who made this suit, but now I now what the suit is called.
I purchased a Midge wearing this suit about 10 years ago at the Burlington, Ky., antique show.  It's beautifully made, but there is no tag.  I doubt it was handmade, because the snap in the skirt is the type that is pushed in by a machine rather than sewn in.  I'm assuming it was made by Shillman either under that name or another one of its umpteen company names.  I'm also assuming it was made in the early or mid-1960s, since Midge was wearing it, and because of the style and the amount of detail in it.
The ad that you see is from the August 2016 issue of Elle.  When I paged through it and saw this ad, that's when I realized that the doll's outfit was a Chanel copy.
Wearing the suit is Princess Grace, the precursor to Maddie Mod.  I added the blouse, gold clutch and shoes.  Although Grace's feet are smaller than Barbie's, the clone shoes are even tinier, and pop off of Grace's feet.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Barbie Simplicity pattern 9697

I adapted the gown pattern to make a Pilgrim costume and a nightgown.
If these two sultry ladies had lived in Salem in the 1600s,
they surely would have been burned at the stake!
The patterns from 9697 all seemed a little large for Barbie,
as you can see by the knickers outfits.
I made the shorts outfit as well but cannot find it.

The short and long peasant dresses were fun to make.
The last pattern I made clothes from as a little girl was Simplicity 9697, dated 1971 for the 1972 market.  I remember I picked out the pattern myself at the fabric store.
Not only did I make some of the mod clothes, I adapted one of the patterns for a freshman high school history project in 1976.  The gown pattern was used to make a Pilgrim dress.  My picky teacher said the gown was cute but I still got only a B!
The dolls in the photo are 1972 SunSet Malibu PJ, Walk Lively Jamie and Walk Lively Steffie.