Sunday, November 15, 2015

Willows in the 1990s, part 2

Barbie has more furniture than house!

I decided to put a lot of the furniture from the 1990s in or near my A-Frame Pool House from 1990.  I decided that Barbie had done like the Hearts did in the 1980s and greatly expanded her house.  This photo has some of the furniture from the A-Frame, the Folding Pretty Living Room and Dining Room, Baby Sister Kelly's crib, Skipper's School Days playset and an Arco gym set.
The dolls in the photo are Hula Hair Barbie, Wet N Wild Christie, World of Beauty Shani, Disney Classics Belle, Gymnast Stacie, Baby Sister Kelly and Big Brother Ken.  If you look closely, you can find Little Brother Tommy, who has fallen over next to Kelly's crib.  I didn't notice that until after I'd taken the photos and started putting everything away!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Willows in the 1990s part 1

Three of the businesses opening in the 1990s at the Willows Mall were the Cool Tops Skipper T-shirt Shop, a Pizza Hut, and the Barbie Movie Theatre. 
A poster on the side of the theater
advertises Ocean Friend Barbie.
Another poster in the theater is for Songbird Barbie.
The eighth notes on the upper left indicate that
the movie is a musical.

The Willows Mall was greatly expanded in the 1990s.  Three of its businesses were a T-shirt shop, a movie theater and a Pizza Hut.  I've put all three of my 1990s playsets together to make an indoor mall. From left to right are the 1990 #4955 Cool Tops Skipper T-shirt Shop, the 1996 #65033-91 Pizza Hut and the 1996 #14618 Barbie Movie Theatre.  Showing at the cinema are two movies, Songbird Barbie, a musical, and Ocean Friend Barbie, an adventure story.
(Note: Both Ocean Friend Barbie and Songbird Barbie were sold in 1996.)

Saturday, October 24, 2015

etsy listings 10 24 15

These are the items I've listed on etsy in the past few weeks.

1969 Talking Truly Scrumptious hat

1971 Barbie Country Camper folding chairs and sleeping bags

1971 Cass Toys metal doll case

1972 Barbie Golden Glitter dress and shoe

1974 Ken Drink Pepsi Cola shirt and dickey

1975 Barbie's Beach Bus folding chair

1975 Barbie's Townhouse furniture and columns

1980 Springfield High Starr MIB

1985 Sekiguchi Mariko Dance MIB

1989 Cleo Barbie Valentines NRFB

1989 Hasbro Slumber Party Simone NRFB

1990 ladies' XL Listen Honey nightshirt

Sunday, October 11, 2015

indoors, 1980s

While the rest of her family is out, Mrs. Heart (second from left,
in the yellow bodysuit) throws a party at the Heart House.

I've decided that the way to show all the indoors playset items I have from the 1980s was to have the Heart Family enlarge its house.  As you can see, the Hearts made the downstairs a music room, and added a huge bathroom.  The second floor is still a bedroom.  A third floor has been built on to use as a home gym.
I didn't use the Heart Family home in my 1980s outdoor scene because the back of it (the exterior) is just plain gray chipboard, not a picture of a house.

Friday, October 9, 2015

barbie fairytopia

My next project is another one that, as far as I know, NO ONE has undertaken.  I would like to create a list of the various Fairytopia/Mermaidia/et al dolls.  These are all the post-2000 fairyland dolls aimed at little girls.  I've found a number of lists of the related movies, but none of the dolls themselves.
This is what I am looking for:
1.  The name of the doll, including the series name and the doll's name.  Is the doll named Barbie as xxxx, or does she have her own name?
2.  The stock number
3.  The year on the box
4.  If there is a second series name listed, such as if it is a movie or a sequel
5.  The height of the doll.  Is she 11 1/2 inches tall or another height?
6.  A photo, if possible, of the doll in or out of her box.
This is what I am asking:  If you could provide me the above information, I would like to start a list of year by year.  Even if you have only one or two dolls I'd appreciate it.  I would be sure to credit you with your information!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Outside Malibu, 1980s

I know this photo is blurrier than the other one, but you can see more of the dolls' faces in this.

Roadside stands on Pacific Coast Highway, where the pink Dream 'Vette, the red Ferrari and the Tropical ATV cruise past the California Dream Surf N Shop, the Bubbling Spa and the Ice Cream Shoppe.  Animals welcome too!

If Barbie and her family and friends aren't in Willows, their favorite spot is, of course, Malibu.  All of the 1980s outdoor playsets seem to be meant for this famous beach community.
I'm separating my 80s playsets scenes in half, one set outdoors and the other indoors.  You will understand why after you've seen both sets of photos.

Willows in the 1960s

1969 Barbie Family House, 1965 Skipper Dream Room and 1963 Barbie Dream House
The houses in Willows feature a great variety of colors and trims.
"Grass needs cutting," Barbie thinks to herself.  "It's up to everyone's knees!"

The last segments of my attempts at photographing my houses will be to show what I own in street scenes.  Basically I am creating a pictorial history of Willows, Wisconsin.  Again I am breaking up the segments by decade.

When you were young and took your dolls outside, did you notice that sidewalks made perfect Barbie-size streets?  They were wide enough to hold cars going in both directions, and the sections on either side could be used as sidewalks.  I must thank my sister Joan for allowing me the use of her front lawn, which is almost flat and has both curved and straight sidewalks.

These pictures are of three ranch houses in Willows in the 1960s.  You've seen these houses and dolls before, just photographed individually indoors.