Wednesday, August 28, 2019

1990s Barbies on etsy

Here are my 1990s listings:








Skipper and Francie have their own listings on etsy

on etsy:

Skipper 1960s

Skipper 1970s

Skipper 1980s

I have two Skipper items from the 1990s.

Francie 1966-1974

1980s items on etsy

Here are the 1980s listings.








1970s items on etsy

Here are my 1970s listings.  Some years have more than one listing.









1960s items on etsy

I have been revamping my listings on etsy, since I have more merchandise in many categories, but not enough to list items by themselves.  My Barbie items have been reorganized by year, and so each listing you see here is for stuff that was sold that year.  I began with the 1960s.




Saturday, June 29, 2019

Someone "borrowed" two of my photos

Oh, man, this is deeply weird.
I wrote this post about seeing a number one Barbie doll in 2014.  No, she is not mine.
Last week this warning post appeared on the Doll Reference Forum.
I followed Cat Mother's links and found the original ebay listing, saying that a number one Barbie was for sale, but the photos were mine!
Cat Mother said she asked the seller for more photos, but he couldn't produce any.  She got suspicious and knew of a way to research the photos, at which point arrived at my blog here.  The listing is no longer available.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Skipper owns many red peasant dresses

Peasant dresses, also known as granny gowns, were popular in the 1970s, and Skipper seemed especially fond of red ones.
Who knew that Skipper had so many red peasant dresses in the 1970s?  Until I put them all together, I didn't realize myself how many there were.
Here is a list of the ones I own and some details about some of them, plus who is wearing the dress.
Top row, left: SunSet Malibu Skipper in #7774 Fancy Frock.  The blouse is hard to tuck into the jumper's skirt.  Both doll and outfit are from 1974. 
Top row, center:  Canadian Funtime Skipper in Best Buy #7218, both from 1975.  Prettiest of the peasant dresses.
Top row, right:  Growing Up Skipper in Growing Up #9023.  Both doll and outfit are from 1975.
Bottom row, far left: SunSet Malibu Skipper in #9165 Bicentennial Fashion Patriotic and Pretty, the only Get Up N Go in this photo.  All the others are Best Buys.  The little drawstring purse it came with has the same flag decal as her pants outfit #9124 Naughty Jeans.  You can't see them, but underneath the dress is a pair of pantaloons.  The blue vest does not fit well over the puffy sleeves.  Both doll and outfit are from 1976.
Bottom row, second from left: SunSet Malibu #9126 First Day of Summer, which consists of an smock top, eagle print skirt and a matching scarf.  I hated those blouses in the 1970s.  I always thought they looked like maternity blouses!  Both doll and outfit are from 1976.
Bottom row, second from right:  1978 SunSet Malibu Skipper, now made in the Philippines, with new facial features, in 9707 Garden Party from 1977.  It too came with a scarf.   I think this looks like a nightgown, but then what was the scarf for?
Bottom row, far right:  1979 SuperTeen Skipper, in 1978 Best Buy 2234, which came with a flat vinyl purse.