Saturday, April 25, 2015

Houses et al 1962 to 1964

A tear-stained Barbie (actually, her face is shiny because of the oily vinyl)
is saying goodbye to Ken who is leaving for the Army.  This is the front of the 1963 Dream House.

As I did with the cases, I am showing you the exteriors of 
Ken leans in to kiss Barbie before he reports for duty.
This is the side of the Dream House.
the houses or playsets (if applicable).
Please note that when I saw "metal" or "wood" or "glass," that everything is just vinyl or plastic made to look these other materials.

1963 (dated 1962) #0816
Barbie Dream House
Made by Mattel
The exterior has aqua wood paneling, black doors and plate glass windows with beige curtains.  My house is in poor condition but the furniture is actually in good shape!
Also shown are the seat and rug for 1963 #1465 Suzy Goose Barbie Vanity.  I've discovered that the Suzy Goose chairs are better suited for bend leg dolls, as they sit too high for the straight leg.

My dolls are 1963 Fashion Queen Barbie (wearing #957 Knitting Pretty and a Pak Knit Dress) and a 1963 brunette Straight Leg Ken (in #797 Army).

Barbie is secretly relieved that Ken is gone.
Now she can wear something more comfortable,
take off her wig and go barefoot!