Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Fashion dolls love glittery party dresses

Glitter through the decades:  Regal Red, Deepest Purple, Soft & Shimmery Silver & White, Dressin' Up and City Sparkler
Yes, the ladies gossip about Barbie when she's not around, and yes, Miss America is a bit tipsy.

I set up a slightly different display of Barbie dolls for Christmas this year.  For one thing, Barbie herself isn't included!  And there's no sign of my beloved Skipper, much less Ken!  I chose seven Barbie friends to wear shiny dresses and gowns for a Christmas party, and of course, all the dolls and outfits are by Mattel.  However, all the other decorations are 1/6 scale items I've accumulated over the years.  The most unusual item is, of course, the fireplace, which is actually a number of pieces of kindling that have been cleverly repainted and which I purchased at a craft show years ago.
You've seen all these dolls and dresses before, just not arranged like this.  The outfits are from three different decades and all have one thing in common--they are SHINY and GLITTERY and very Christmas-y looking!

The dolls and outfits are:
1970 Twist N Turn PJ in 1457 City Sparkler
1972 Walk Lively Miss America in 3217 Regal Red
1977 Teenage TV Celebrity Marie Osmond in 9817 Deepest Purple
1977 Sweet 16 in 1978 2252 Soft & Shimmery Silver & White
1986 Rocker Diva in 2690 Dressin’ Up
1991 Wedding Day Midge in Dinner Date 4940
1992 Beach Dazzle Asha in Sizzlin’ Style 5969