Saturday, May 23, 2015

Houses et al 1965 to 1969

Note that the pictures on the walls of the Family House make the dolls
look like they are floating slightly above ground.

Skipper, Tutti, Todd and Ricky take refuge under the trees on a hot summer day.

The back of the closed-up Skipper Dream Room.

Todd and Ricky plan a game of table tennis on the patio of the Skipper Dream Room.
It got too hot outside to play, so Skipper, Ricky, Todd and Tutti
come inside the Skipper Dream Room to cool off.

The Barbie & Francie Dressing Room Case has the most colorful--and loudest--
graphics of all of the Barbie houses.

Inside the Dressing Room Case, Francie has removed her shoes
and changed her hair color.

Skipper's and Barbie's outfits match the interior of the Family House!

1965 (dated 1964) #4094
Skipper’s Dream Room
Made by Mattel
The exterior is yellow brick and wood paneling with bushes and trees.  The front has a functional window and the back shows patio furniture and a Ping-Pong table.  In the interior, I am including Suzy Goose #414 Skipper Vanity from 1966.

My dolls are the pink skin redhead Straight Leg Skipper in #1923 Can You Play?, pink skin Ricky in #1505 Skateboard Set blonde Tutti in #3602 Ship Shape and Todd in his original outfit, all from 1966.

1967 (dated 1965) #1024
Barbie & Francie Dressing Room Case
Made by Mattel
The exterior is pink and orange walls with overhead Tiffany lamps.  The interior is dark pink and lavender.

The dolls pictured on the five sides are:
1967 Bend Leg Francie in #1290 Denims On and holding #1289 Note the Coat, both from 1967 (which you can't see)
1965 blonde American Girl Barbie in #1692 Patio Party from 1967
1967 brunette Bend Leg Francie in #1288 In Print from 1967
1967 brunette Bend Leg Francie in #1277 Sunspots from 1967 
1965 titian American Girl Barbie in #1687 Caribbean Cruise from 1967

My doll is a 1966 brunette Bend Leg Francie in Sunspots.

1969 (dated 1968) #1066
Barbie Family House
Made by Mattel
The exterior is orange paneling with a black and white checked foundation.  The interior consists of four rooms: a yellow bedroom, a red paneled living room and a black-and-white combination foyer and dining room.  Note that Skipper and Barbie match the interior.  This was my sister Joan's house as a girl (as you can see by her numerous decals!), but I have permanently "borrowed" it. 

The dolls and fashions pictured on the exterior are:
1969 brunette Twist N Turn Francie in a pink version of Barbie's #1860 Smasheroo (which was never sold)
1969 Bend Leg Ken in an outfit that looks #1427 Mountain Holiday from 1966 (for the old skinnier Ken)
1967 white Twist N Turn Barbie (which was never sold) in #1859 Tunic N Tights
1968 white Twist N Turn Stacey in #1858 Fancy Dancy
1968 blonde Twist N Turn Skipper in #1961 Real Sporty

My dolls are a brunette 1967 Twist N Turn Barbie in Smasheroo and a blonde 1968 Twist N Turn Skipper in Real Sporty. This Skipper is my childhood doll, who I received for Christmas in 1968 (yes, I know she is not in mint condition).