Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Disney mask and costume playsets are really creepy!

Since Pretty Changes Barbie has short hair,
she is modeling 1991's 2421
Wicked Stepmother Mask & Costume Playset.

I don't remember which Barbie wears
1993's 4613 Maleficent Mask & Costume Playset,
but doesn't she look like Samantha Stevens in the outfit?

One of my umpteen My First Barbies is in the
1991 2419 Fairy Godmother Mask & Costume Playset.

1993's 7784 The Queen Mask & Costume Playset
is the most beautiful of the Disney costumes,
and makes a great witch's outfit for Barbie.
There were four mask and costume playsets sold with the Mattel Disney dolls in the 1990s.  Mattel came up with a clever way to make four new dolls that were far more inexpensive than actually selling the dolls themselves!

The outfits were:
1991 2419 Cinderella Fairy Godmother
1991 2421 Cinderella Wicked Stepmother
1993 7784 Snow White The Queen
1993 4613 Sleeping Beauty Maleficent

The outfits were beautiful and the heads were highly detailed and stunning yet scary.  The masks were actually entire heads, with three of them being slit in the back to fit over another doll's head.  The Wicked Queen comes with a face attached to black wrap-around cloth to pull over a doll's head.

The Fairy Godmother is a good character, but is creepy because of her huge staring eyes.  The pink gown for the Wicked Stepmother, whose name was Lady Tremaine in Cinderella, looks very Barbie-ish if worn without the mask.

You will need a Barbie with short hair or hair tied tightly back (or altogether bald!) wearing the costume in order to fit the mask over her head.  In the photos I pulled the masks/heads back so that you can see actual doll underneath.

Here comes the sales pitch:  I have a separate Queen Mask outfit listed in etsy: