Sunday, August 3, 2014

Aug. 3, 2014, new etsy listings

Here are the etsy listings:

1970 Barbie Action Accents accessories

1971 Live Action Barbie and Kens

1974 Sweet 16 Barbie accessories

1975 Free Moving Kens and PJs

1976 Now Look Ken

1977 SuperStar items

1979 Sun Lovin' Barbie and Ken

1979 SuperTeen Skipper

Aug. 3, 2014, new epier listings

I have spent the past three weeks listing--or relisting--numerous Barbie items on both epier and etsy.  Here is the updated epier list:

1964 Skipper items

1969 Twist N Turn PJ plus outfits

1973 Quick Curl items

1975 Growing Up Skipper items

1988 California Kens

1989 Jazzies

1990 Wet N Wild Skipper

1992 Splash N Fun Raft accessories

1999 Pilot Barbie nude

five post-2000 Mattel dolls