Saturday, January 25, 2014

Jan. 25, 2014, new epier and etsy listings

On Jan. 18, I listed the following items for sale:

On epier:
Mego Sparkle Candi original outfits

On etsy:
American Girl Felicity pinner and birthday dress

On Jan. 25, I listed the following items for sale on epier:

Candy Blossoms Lollipop Posy MIB

Candy Blossoms Bubblegum Violet MIB

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

replacing arms and legs

I know there are other ways to do this, but this is how I replace doll arms and legs, if you can't just snap the limb back into the torso.
Whichever piece is the "male"--the part with the knob--gets stuck in the freezer for an hour or two.  Whichever piece is the "female"--with the hole--gets held over steaming water for a few minutes to enlarge it.  Be careful not to drop the item in the hot water!
Once the knob section is chilled--that is, it gets a little shrunken momentarily--I remove it from the freezer and at that point it is much easier to fit the two pieces together.  Of course, this only works if both the pieces are not broken otherwise.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Is Skipper's birthday Feb. 9?

I've been trying to figure out just when Skipper turns 50, and I think I've found an answer.
The other well-known figure introduced at the 1964 Toy Fair was GI Joe. Thanks to Google, I discovered the pages of a book by Karen O'Brien which mentions the history of Joe.  O'Brien wrote that Joe was first shown at the fair on Feb. 9.  I'm assuming that is also the day Mattel introduced Skipper.

This link shows you the pages of the book:

Monday, January 13, 2014

yet another winter coat picture

The Queen City Barbie Doll Club finally had its Christmas party on Jan. 12 (see, I'm not the only one behind on getting organized for Christmas).  After the -30 wind chill we had on Jan. 6, I decided that my bundled-up dolls were going to the party with me.

This isn't a Christmas outfit photo, it's a winter coat photo that Margie took.
From left to right are:
1990 Fun to Dress Barbie in 4961 Diva
1989 Dance Club Devon in Dance Club 3565
1970 Living Barbie in 1799 Maxi N Mini
1970 Twist N Turn Francie in 1245 Snake Charmer
1991 All American Kira in Designer Collection 7100
1971 Living Fluff in 3477 Dressed in Velvet
1969 Twist N Turn Barbie in 1491 Red, White N Warm
1968 Twist N Turn Barbie in 1860 Smasheroo
1973 Quick Curl Kelley in 8687 Pantsuit with Fur
1990 Fashion Friend in Designer Collection 7113
1968 Twist N Turn Stacey in 1813 Snug Fuzz

I had the 1968, 1969, 1970 and 1971 clothing booklets as a little girl.  I remember wanting Maxi N Mini; Snake Charmer; Dressed in Velvet; Red, White N Warm; and Snug Fuzz back then.  As an adult collector, Maxi N Mini, Snake Charmers and Snug Fuzz were some of the first outfits I bought.

I was ecstatic to finally acquire Dressed in Velvet!  I've always considered it Skipper's most decadent outfit. Where on Earth would you actually wear this?  The only idea I've come up with is if you are going to the ballet or a play in Manhattan in December.

Some collectors focus on lingerie, or ballgowns or wedding gowns.  Why do I have an obsession with the heavy coats for Barbie and her family?

Growing up in the American Midwest in the 1970s was very difficult during the winter.  Ohio had its two worst winters in history in 1976-1977 and 1977-1978.  Snow on the ground every day from January through May.  Walking to and from the bus stop every day (my sister has never fully recovered from getting frostbitten fingers).  Thinking that having icy cold hands, feet and ears for six months of the year is normal.

No wonder my dolls have to get so bundled up in January!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Outfits you never knew were for Christmas

Today is Jan. 11.  I realize that Christmas was 17 days ago.  But two days ago I finally finished working on my current Barbie project, one that I had been working on since the second week of December.  My hospitalization and recovery, the wacky weather, returning to work sooner than I expected, and yes, Christmas itself all intervened in my completing this project.
I wanted to show ensembles from each decade that are actually meant for the holidays, although they were never advertised as such and their colors aren't necessarily red and green.   Between Thanksgiving and Epiphany, you can also wear gold and silver, ice blue, deep purple and even black if it's very dressy.  Barbie and her family and friends have many such outfits, and what I am going to show you is just a small sampling of what I've discovered will work as Christmas outfits.  There are many, many more of these.
These are just the outfits that I have complete or almost complete.  The sets I have from the late 70s onward were for the most part purchased in their packaging, so I have the shoes and accessories, and the ones from the early 80s and after I bought new at the stores.  It's only the stuff from 1960 to about 1976 that I don't necessarily have complete.  Usually I have the shoes; it's the stocking or hose I have the hardest time finding, as you will notice in the photos.
You will also notice that I don't have anything for the toddlers and grade-schoolers--there are only a few holiday outfits for them and I don't have them.  I also couldn't find anything suitable for the Jazzie-size dolls.  Ken has plenty, but I don't own any of them, and that is something I'm going to have to work on correcting!
I've divided the outfits by decade.  I noticed patterns as I started dressing my dolls.
1.  The 1960s had lame' and velvet.
2.  The 1970s had long wool skirts and fake furs.
3.  The 1980s had jewel tones, sweater dresses and the richest-looking clothing of all of the decades.
4.  Since the 1990s were the peak years of Barbie collecting for both children and adults, you will find many inexpensive simple items and others that are extravagant to the point of decadence.
Some notes:  I had way more dolls and ensembles from the 90s than I realized.  After I took the photos for that decade I noticed that some of the dolls and clothes got hidden behind others.  The blue rectangular box is a TV set that is actually an amusement park souvenir.  The ceramic tree was a present made by one of my grandmother's friends for her in the early 1970s.  The pink fainting couch is a very fancy jewelry box I bought at an antique mall.  Unless otherwise noted, the dolls are wearing outfits from the same years of their release.

So here are the dolls and outfits:


1966 Straight Leg Skooter, 1928 Rainy Day Checkers
1963 Straight Leg Midge, 951 Senior Prom
1964 Straight Leg Ken, 1411 Victory Dance
1960 #4 Ponytail Barbie, 911 Golden Girl
1962 Ponytail Barbie, 939 Red Flare, 1966 1651 Beau Time
1964 Straight Leg Skipper, 1902 Silk N Fancy, 1906 Dress Coat
1968 Twist N Turn Skipper, 1967 1948 Velvet N Lace
1968 Twist N Turn Stacey (with haircut), 1813 Snug Fuzz
1965 Straight Leg Skipper, 1914 Platter Party

Sitting on the Lively Livin' House couch in front of the television
1968 Twist N Turn Francie, 1208 The Silver Cage 
1968 Twist N Turn Casey, 1216 The Lace Pace

Seated at the Lively Livin' House kitchen table
1969 Twist N Turn Barbie, 1866 Movie Groovy


1970 Straight Leg Skipper, 1737 Velvet Blush
1977 Super Fashion Fireworks Barbie, 9836 Spotlight on Romantic White
1973 Quick Curl Miss America, 1972 3217 Regal Red
1977 Teenage TV Celebrity Marie Osmond, 9817 Deepest Purple
1977 Teenage TV Celebrity Marie Osmond, 9819 Silver Shimmer
1973 Quick Curl Kelley, 8687 Pantsuit with Fur
1973 Quick Curl Skipper, 8613 Winter Day
1970 Living Barbie, 1799 Maxi N Midi
1971 Living Fluff, 3477 Dressed in Velvet
1970 Twist N Turn Francie, 1245 Snake Charmers
1976 Growing Up Ginger, Best Buys 9121 and 9122
1971 SunSet Malibu Barbie, 3431 Victorian Velvet
1972 SunSet Malibu Barbie, 3341 Long N Fringy
1975 SunSet Malibu Barbie, 7746 Gala Night
1971 SunSet Malibu Barbie, 3412 Fun Flakes

Sitting on the Lively Livin' House couch in front of the television
1977 Funtime Skipper, 9710 Casual Fashion
1977 SuperStar Barbie, 9622 Fancy Dress (she's kind of hidden)

Seated at the Lively Livin' House kitchen table
1970 Twist N Turn PJ, 1457 City Sparkler
1978 TV's Star Woman Cheryl Ladd, Best Buy 2560


1986 Rocker Diva, 2690 Dressin’ Up
1980 Beauty Secrets Barbie, 1982 3787 Winter Sports
1985 Mrs. Heart, 9261 Oscar de la Renta Series VII
1985 Loving You Barbie, Twice as Nice 7956
1984 Great Shape Barbie, 4813 Soft N Chic
1988 Sensations Becky, 4917 Winter White
1980 Black Barbie, Fashion Collectible 1366
1984 Sun Gold Malibu Barbie, 7217 Red Sizzle
1985 Day to Night Barbie, 9081 Dress Designer

Sitting on the couch
1985 Peaches N Creme Barbie, 9143 Festive Fashion

Seated at the dining room table
1988 Teen Fun Cheerleader Skipper, 1989 Sweetheart Fashion 5883
1989 Beach Blast Skipper, 2683 Fashion Smarts (I have the shoes but they are badly split)
1996 14982 Pretty Treasures Wedding Set


1999 Vine Swingin’ Jane, 1996 14361 School Spirit
1998 Bead Blast Barbie, 16076 Goin’ to the Game
1999 Todd Oldham Barbie, 18106 Miss You! Love, Barbie/Scotland
1992 Totally Hair Barbie, 2972 Two Hip Party Looks
1992 Beach Dazzle Asha, Sizzling Style 5969 (she's in back of Totally Hair)
1990 Wet N Wild Skipper, Cool Tops 9059
1994 Gymnast Barbie, unnumbered Evening Excitement
1992 Sleeping Beauty, unnumbered Winter Dazzle (this was a two-outfit set, and Teen Talk Barbie wears the other half)
1993 Western Stampin’ Tara Lynn, 2137 Hear the Hot Tune, “Born with a Mike”
1994 Sun Jewel Barbie, Sparkle Pretty 68060
1992 Teen Talk Barbie, unnumbered Winter Dazzle (she's in back of Caboodles Barbie)
1993 Caboodles Barbie, Hollywood Hair 1983
1991 All American Kira, Private Collection 7100
1991 Fashion Friend, Private Collection 7096
1990 Fun to Dress Barbie, 4961 Diva (she's behind Pet Doctor Barbie)
1996 Pet Doctor Barbie, Fashion Avenue 14305
1991 World of Beauty Shani, Shani 1884

Seated at the dining room table
1991 Wedding Day Midge, Dinner Date 4940
1991 Wedding Day Alan, Dinner Date 4947
1996 14982 Pretty Treasures Wedding Set

Seated on the couch
1995 Cut N Style Barbie, Fantasy Evening 13023