Sunday, June 19, 2011

Skipper's coats

Out of all the different types of clothing created for the Barbie doll line, none has interested me more than the coats, especially Skipper’s. I would have died to own some of her coats and jackets! She had umpteem pieces of outerwear in the 1960s and 1970s, but they have not been as abundant since the 1980s. I do know that the winters in those first two decades were colder than they were later, so that might have something to do with it. They’re probably also more expensive to design and manufacture.

But now the winters, especially in the upper half of the northern hemisphere, are getting horrendous again, so perhaps the coats will return.

This is a list, by decade, of Skipper’s coats in the 20th century. It’s only of separately sold outfits, not ones that came on a doll. Many of them came with hats, gloves, boots and/or other items. Not all of the more recent outfits have stock numbers.


1964 1906 Dress Coat red velveteen coat

1965 1915 Rain or Shine yellow raincoat

1966 1926 Chill Chasers white fake fur coat

1966 1936 Sledding Fun red print quilted jacket, other clothes and accessories, including a sled

1967 1939 Flower Showers blue vinyl raincoat with pink flower print

1967 1948 Velvet N Lace red velveteen coat with coordinating dress

1968 1959 Warm N Wonderful green and blue fake fur coat with coordinating dress

1969 1973 Chilly Chums pink twill coat with coordinating dress (a coat for spring)

1969 1977 Plaid City green and blue plaid jacket with coordinating shirt and skirt (a jacket for spring)

1969 1590 Wow! What a Cool Outfit! green vinyl coat with coordinating dress (Sears exclusive)


1970 1735 Twice as Nice pink and blue felt coat with coordinating dress (or orange and gold)

1970 1736 Wooly Winter red boucle’ fur coat with coordinating dress

1970 1741 Pink Princess green coat with coordinating dress

1971 3472 Double Dashers blue and red checked knit coat with coordinating dress (a fall outfit)

1971 3471 Goin’ Sleddin’ yellow fake fur jacket with coordinating outfit and sled

1971 3476 All Over Felt light blue jacket with coordinating dress

1971 3477 Dressed in Velvet pink velvet coat with coordinating dress (I would have died to own something like this outfit as a girl!)

1971 3478 Long N Short of It red twill maxi coat with coordinating dress

1972 3297 Party Pair white fake fur coat with coordinating dress

1972 3372 White Bright N Sparkling white maxi coat (a spring coat)

1973 7715 Fun Clothes for the Great Outdoors denim jacket, other clothes and accessories, including a sleeping bag

1973 Best Buy 8613 red fake fur coat

1976 Best Buy 9121 red plaid coat (a fall coat for school)

1977 9747 Red Set for When It’s Wet red vinyl raincoat and coordinating dress

1977 9748 For Schooltime, Playtime, Anytime red and blue knit jacket and other clothes and accessories

1979 2811 Shorts Subject yellow windbreaker and other clothes and accessories

1979 2812 Winter Warmth brown sherpa vest and other clothes and accessories


1988 Sweetheart Fashion 5876 white fake fur coat and pink stretch knit outfit (a European exclusive and probably Skipper’s ultimate 80s outfit)

1989 2597 Head of the Class denim jacket and coordinating dress


1992 Trendy Teen denim jacket and coordinating outfit

1993 10080 Create Outrageous Fashions with Sweetheart Rhinestones, More Rhinestones and Glitter Fabric Paint pink denim jacket and other clothes

1993 High School 3649 denim jacket and other clothes

1993 School Days playset with baseball jacket and accessories

1994 Shoppin’s a Blast black denim jacket and skirt

1995 Teen Time denim jacket and skirt

1998 Fashion Avenue 18381 red vinyl jacket and jeans shorts

1998 Teen Sister white fake fur jacket and coordinating dress

1998 Teen Sister red baseball jacket, silver skirt, black hi-tops

1998 Cool Looks black vinyl jacket and coordinating dress