Saturday, February 15, 2014

Feb. 15. 2014, new epier items

I listed three Barbie items on epier today.

1974 Ken 7761 Drink Pepsi Cola

1980 Barbie Best Buy 1351

2000 Basic Fun Barbie View-Master Keychain

Friday, February 14, 2014

antique show withdrawal

I SOOOOOO want to go to an outdoor antique show and buy a doll case full of Barbies, clothes, accessories and numerous other pieces of junk.  I SOOOOO want to dump the contents on the living room floor and paw through them, look for shoes and hair items to complete outfits, discover a variation of an outfit I already own, and get a different doll for whom I can dress in the perfect ensemble just for her. Doesn't matter which decade the stuff is from.  I can do 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.
I get this way every February.  It's called cabin fever and seasonal affective disorder.  In 2014, it's also exhaustion at dealing with the worst winter in Cincinnati since 1978.  How many minutes til spring?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Fishtail braids

I had never heard of, much less seen, a fishtail plait until last year.  It’s a different kind of braid, constructed of two thin and two fat strands, rather than the three same-sized strands of traditional braids.  Its name comes from how the braids sometimes look like fish scales.

I found some instructions on YouTube and first I tried the braid on myself.  I discovered that, unlike traditional or even French or Dutch braids, you need to have long thick hair to create one.  My hair is thin, poker straight and baby fine, and in the back only goes about 3 inches past my shoulders.  There was nothing for the fishtail strands to attach themselves to.

So then I tried it on my dolls, and these were the results.

First of all, the dolls are, left to right, Crissy’s Cousin Velvet, Dance Dance Dance Stacie, SunSet Malibu PJ, Movin’ Groovin’ Crissy, Totally Hair Barbie, Velvet’s Beautiful Friend Mia and Dance Dance Dance Janet.  My first plaiting attempt was with PJ, because her two ponytails gave her a natural part down the back of her head.

Depending on how smooth and un-frizzy their fake hair is, I achieved different results.  Velvet’s, Stacie’s and Barbie’s hairdos are obviously the best.  Crissy’s hair is a little frizzy.  You’ll notice that her braid is going in the opposite direction, A’s instead of V’s.  I simply turned the doll upside down and braided it that way.  Janet’s hair, although a little frizzy, is my personal favorite.  With the braided red hair, she really does look like a wee Scottish lassie.  Poor Mia’s hair is incredibly matted--the poof at the top isn’t a pompadour--it’s just a huge tangled mess!

A fishtail braid does not always begin to be evident with its first few rows.  Note Velvet’s tail.  That’s also what happened with my own hair, which was part of the problem.

So now you will see the dolls’ fronts.  Some of the longer, thinner tails can drape over the shoulders so now you can notice the A’s and Crissy’s V’s.  It’s a much looser hairstyle and can create a halo around one’s head.

I know your last question is:  What are the girls wearing?
Velvet--her original dress and shoes
Stacie--her original tutu
PJ--7424 Regatta on the Sea plus a net rubber band she borrowed from Barbie
Crissy--I know she’s a Movin’ Groovin’ doll but she’s wearing the originally Crissy lace mini
Barbie--2972 Two Hip Party Looks plus one of her original net rubber bands
Mia--the jeans from Dandy Denims
Janet--a cotton wrap robe from Shillman.
The next time you watch one of The Hunger Games movies, note Jennifer Lawrence’s long plait.  It’s a fishtail, not a traditional braid.

Sunday, February 2, 2014