Saturday, March 19, 2011

my Ken exhibit

Some of my Ken and friends dolls are now displayed at Green Township Library, 6526 Bridgetown Road, Cincinnati, OH. They are being displayed their in conjunction with Ken's 50th birthday, which was March 13, 2011.

The dolls being shown are:

1964 blond Straight Leg Ken in #1411 Victory Dance

1964 Straight Leg Allan in #1409 Goin' Huntin' jeans and At Ease shirt

1970 Bend Leg Ken in #1435 Shore Lines

1970 Talking Brad in #1514 Casual All Stars

1975 Free Moving Ken in original outfit

1975 Free Moving Curtis in Best Buy #7226

1983 Horse Lovin' Ken in #5824 Date with Barbie

1983 Bridegroom Todd in original outfit

1986 Tropical Ken in Twice as Nice #2306

1986 Rocker Derek in original outfit

1988 California Ken in #4508 Private Collection Bridegroom

1988 Island Fun Steven in #4469 California

1991 Wedding Day Ken in original outfit

1991 Wedding Day Alan in original outfit

I chose these particular dolls not because they had great outfits, or they were personal favorites, or they were valuable or rare. I chose them because I wanted to not only show Ken but also his buddies. Each of the "buddies" I've chosen are the earliest versions of that particular guy, and so I chose a corresponding Ken from that year. Each doll is wearing either his original outfit or an outfit sold that same year. My display stops at 1999 because that is the year I quit buying new merchandise (although I still go back and purchase pre-1999 stuff if I see it and like it).

March 13, 2011, new epier listing

I've finally had the time to start listing again on epier. This is what I placed for sale last Sunday.
Four pairs of Hasbro Love purple slacks