Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 27, 2010, new epier listing

I listed one Hasbro Maxie outfit this morning on epier:

Maxie Mix n Match #8236 pink camisole NRFP

Sunday, June 20, 2010

June 20, 2010, new epier listing

I've listed one item this week because of its timeliness. This is the outfit that the Ken in Toy Story 3 is wearing.
1989 Animal Lovin' Ken shirt and shorts

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Barbie Fashion Comics 1992

I know I've got them out of order now:

Barbie Fashion 13, January 1992. First Snow Fall by Trusiani. Courtney gets her first skiing lesson from Barbie--how to fall. Snow Time Like Now--Skipper makes a snowman but doesn’t have the film to take a picture of it. She goes to the drugstore, but meets some friends to go to a movie, then stops for a soda. The writers did their research but only got it half right. Courtney has red hair. Tiff is African-American. OMG! They meet Skooter and Ricky! Skooter is a redheaded boy and Ricky is also African-American! I assume Mattel must have granted the writers the rights to use the names but not their likenesses?

Barbie Fashion 17, May 1992. New Old-Fashioneds, by Trina Robbins. Skipper and Courtney shop at a thrift store. Skipper Skipper. Middle sister dreams she’s captain of a pirate ship. What is with the goofy Skipper dream sequences? In the 42 years I’ve loved Skipper, not once did I ever envision her having weird dreams.

Barbie Fashion 18, June 1992, The Right Attitude. Skipper and Courtney both go to the dentist, but only one of them has a cavity. For those of you who like trivia or write fan fiction, the dentist is an African-American woman named Dr. Acherman. The Borrowed Book, by Slate. A mystery novel is being passed around. Skipper’s friend in this story is Scott and he does look like the doll.

Barbie Fashion 19, July 1992, Mineral Marvels by Robbins. Brief two-page comic about colorful, easy-to-find stones.

Barbie Fashion 21, September 1992, Who’s Rowing the Boat? by Slate. Skipper wonders why Scott has ignored her in the park.

Barbie Fashion 22, October 1992, Do You Want to Dance? by Slate. Skipper friend Heather is reluctant to go to end-of-summer dance because shes so tall.

Barbie Fashion 23 November 1992, It’s No Choke, by Slate. Barbie teaches Skipper the Heimlich Maneuver. Odd but useful topic for a comic book.

Barbie Fashion 24, December 1992. Congratulations, Christie! Christie gets a new job, so Barbie and Skipper plan a surprise party for her. Any Way the Wind Blows by Slate. Skipper runs out of time for homework because Courtney wants to go shopping. Skipper’s in a Pet Pals outfit.

Barbie Fashion Comics 1993

Barbie 25, January 1993, has some inside jokes. Skipper’s friends are Tara and Kelly. But the dolls were Barbie’s friends Tara, and of course, Kelly is Barbie’s sister, Barbie’s friend and Starr’s friend. Meanwhile, Barbie’s dog is named Sachi, and Barbie jokes about “Totally Hair.” As for the stories... Secret Admirer, by Slate. Tara’s getting notes at school from a secret admirer. The plot is reminiscent of the opening scenes of Sixteen Candles. Kelly’s Problem, by Slate. Skipper learns why Kelly is so sad. The story doesn't really have a happy ending. Totally Hair. Barbie helps Skipper and Courtney create new hairstyles. The logo for the story title is the same as what is on the doll boxes.

Barbie Fashion 27, March 1993. Role Model, by Robbins. Skipper’s friend Jennifer is dieting too much. The drawings show Jennifer way too skinny. Who’s Got the Button? by Robbins. Skipper’s in the play The Boyfriend, and the flapper dresses she’s borrowed from Mrs. Gray have a secret. Barbie Gets the Royal Treatment by Robbins. Courtney doesn’t listen closely to Barbie’s phone call and thinks Barbie will visit Queen Elizabeth.

Barbie Fashion 29, May 1993, Itchin’ and A-Twitchin’, by Slate. Skipper gets poison ivy.

Barbie Fashion 32, August 1993. The Right Red by Slate. Skipper’s friend Vicki never goes out because Vicki worries too much about her looks.

Barbie Fashion 33, September 1993, The Sea Shell Story, by Slate. Courtney is sick at home and misses the beach party.

Barbie Fashion 34, October 1993, Taking Care of Tracks. Barbie has adopted a cat she found at the train station and she and Skipper take care of her. This same issue has a story about Ken’s grandparents, and you learn that his grandparents are named Edna and Sam. But I don’t know which side of the family they are on.

Barbie Fashion 35, November 1993, A Friend in Need, by Slate. Skipper writes a short story, cleans her room, studies for geography and makes lunch all in one morning. At the same time she helps Courtney shop, helps a friend paint the siding of a house, and dog sits. So all the people she helped return the favor.

Barbie Fashion 36, December 1993, Horsing Around, by Slate. Skipper goes horseback riding, but then she gets thrown and the horse runs off. Complexion Complex, by Slate. The ever-neurotic Courtney has a date to a dance with Kevin, but she can’t go out because she's got a pimple! Not even Barbie is THAT worried about her appearance! (Oh, and by the way, turns out Kevin had a zit too.)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 13, 2010, new epier listing

1973 Quick Curl Skipper dress and comb

Sunday, June 6, 2010

June 6, 2010, new epier listing

I listed one item on epier this morning. It is a rare and beautifully made VHS tape. It's the pilot from one of my all-time favorite TV series.

1996 The Cape VHS rare