Monday, January 13, 2014

yet another winter coat picture

The Queen City Barbie Doll Club finally had its Christmas party on Jan. 12 (see, I'm not the only one behind on getting organized for Christmas).  After the -30 wind chill we had on Jan. 6, I decided that my bundled-up dolls were going to the party with me.

This isn't a Christmas outfit photo, it's a winter coat photo that Margie took.
From left to right are:
1990 Fun to Dress Barbie in 4961 Diva
1989 Dance Club Devon in Dance Club 3565
1970 Living Barbie in 1799 Maxi N Mini
1970 Twist N Turn Francie in 1245 Snake Charmer
1991 All American Kira in Designer Collection 7100
1971 Living Fluff in 3477 Dressed in Velvet
1969 Twist N Turn Barbie in 1491 Red, White N Warm
1968 Twist N Turn Barbie in 1860 Smasheroo
1973 Quick Curl Kelley in 8687 Pantsuit with Fur
1990 Fashion Friend in Designer Collection 7113
1968 Twist N Turn Stacey in 1813 Snug Fuzz

I had the 1968, 1969, 1970 and 1971 clothing booklets as a little girl.  I remember wanting Maxi N Mini; Snake Charmer; Dressed in Velvet; Red, White N Warm; and Snug Fuzz back then.  As an adult collector, Maxi N Mini, Snake Charmers and Snug Fuzz were some of the first outfits I bought.

I was ecstatic to finally acquire Dressed in Velvet!  I've always considered it Skipper's most decadent outfit. Where on Earth would you actually wear this?  The only idea I've come up with is if you are going to the ballet or a play in Manhattan in December.

Some collectors focus on lingerie, or ballgowns or wedding gowns.  Why do I have an obsession with the heavy coats for Barbie and her family?

Growing up in the American Midwest in the 1970s was very difficult during the winter.  Ohio had its two worst winters in history in 1976-1977 and 1977-1978.  Snow on the ground every day from January through May.  Walking to and from the bus stop every day (my sister has never fully recovered from getting frostbitten fingers).  Thinking that having icy cold hands, feet and ears for six months of the year is normal.

No wonder my dolls have to get so bundled up in January!

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