Sunday, April 15, 2007

April 15, 2007, Brothers & Sisters

Tonight's episode of Brothers & Sisters was the most surreal hour of drama I have ever seen. I felt almost like I was watching an alternate universe's version of the show, and it left me totally dumfounded, because
1. The Walkers, a Jewish family, celebrated Easter a week after the event, and both they and the Jones family served turkey for dinner.
2. It was delightful to see Susan Sullivan and Jenna Elfman together again, but not the roles they were playing as mother and daughter. Susan Sullivan will always be the original Kitty to me (not Calista Flockhart) and Jenna Elfman will always be Dharma, her daughter-in-law. I must say, though, that Jenna having long hair really softens her face and makes her look younger.
3. I had always dreamed of having sets of characters from several of my favorite TV shows all in the same series, but never expected it to happen. Everwood is my #2 favorite series of all time, and Dharma & Greg is one of my favorite comedies. If Richard Hatch or someone else from the one, the only, original Battlestar Galactica had walked onto the show at some point it wouldn't have surprised me.
4. Rob Lowe said "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang."
5. The guy who played Rob Lowe's brother really looked like Rob Lowe, but why couldn't the writers have gotten Chad Lowe?
6. This episode had more people in it than I have seen in any program in a long time.
The episode was exhausting to watch and somewhat confusing. I'm still shaking my head. I actually felt a little disoriented when the show was over, because the whole thing just seemed a bit "off."

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skippercollector said...

I thought that the April 29 episode was a repeat--it was listed that way in my TV schedule--so I didn't start watching the program until after 10:20. I am glad that last night's episode was much better than the one from two weeks ago. If the series had continued in the vein it created April 15, I would have stopped watching. The April 15 felt like serious "jumping the shark" material; it so annoyed me.