Saturday, April 28, 2007

April 27, 2007, Yahoo auctions

These are the items I have for sale this week on Yahoo Auctions. This is the link. If it doesn't work, you might try copying and pasting. The link does not bring up all of the items. That's why I am posting the item numbers, if you want to search them that way.
Barbie Best Buy 1350 pink slip and panties 241461206
Barbie Dance Sensation cape 241465350
Barbie Fashion Original sheer gold coat 241499432
Barbie Sweet 16 original outfit 231812241
Francie Gro Hair original dress 241464025
Gotcha blue gray striped shirt from 1990 2414805455
Hot Looks Jewelry Set NRFB 226219857
Ken Shore Lines windbreaker 241459571
Kenner Miss America Blair 241739681
Midge All Stars original stretch pants 241497578
Skipper Dreamtime pajama bottoms 241458105
Skipper Flower Power 241568218
Skipper Nighty Nice top 241462357
Skipper Super Dreamy for Sleepover Parties 2415709036
What's Up, Doc? novelization 241496881

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skippercollector said...

It took me hours to get these items placed on Yahoo last weekend. Some of them weren't showing up in searches, and some of them weren't showing their photos, some of them wouldn't accept photos as I was writing the listing, and I had to keep redoing them. There were three that ended on Thursday night, although I had been very careful to make sure that all of them ended on Friday.
Now I know why. Yahoo must have been screwing with its auction progamming last weekend in preparation for its big announcement on May 3 that it was discontinuing auctions in June. And I was just starting to get the hang of it there!
I had more lookers at many of my items this time but none of them sold. I suspect that either people couldn't get in to bid, or they were afraid to because of the discontinuation announcement. I guess they were afraid that I might skip town with their money because it's possible that some sellers will do so, since after June 16 they won't be traceable any more.
All that hard work for nothing.