Monday, April 9, 2007

April 9, 2007, watching TV show you don't like

Why would someone watch a TV show if he didn’t like it? And even more so, why would he tape the program so that he can watch it again to critique it in order to make fun of it?
I occasionally participate in the website Television Without Pity and am totally amazed at how many masochists that are out there who watch shows they don’t like simply so that they can complain about them and state that they wish they were cancelled. They also tend to intimidate the folks who do like whatever series that it is that is being discussed.
First of all, there are plenty of series I’ve seen in my lifetime that I watched a few episodes of (sometimes even just one episode), decided I didn’t like it, and then never watched it and never gave it a thought again.
I do have enough time to watch the programs that I enjoy. But I DO NOT have the time to watch shows I don’t enjoy, much less take the time to tear them apart. I do other things, like read, watch a movie or rerun, clean, exercise, or (gasp!) actually leave the house and go out in public (people still do that, you know).
I attempted to ask this question in TWoP at a section called Ask Tubey, but it was never posted. So I am writing this question here.

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