Friday, July 20, 2007

July 20, 2007, bullying at TWoP

Is anyone else as disgusted as I by the juvenile bullying of actress Ashley Scott at the Jericho site at I've also read comments, to a lesser extent, at the IMDb, and another Yahoo group which I quit because I found this attitude so annoying.
The intense hatred of the posters for this actress and her character, and the things they are writing about her now, read like notes from teenage girls making horrid remarks about female classmates they don't like. You know this type of teenage girl--they put someone else down in an incredibly vain attempt to make their own selves look better, and they may even harass her and her family personally just to humiliate her.
I had assumed the posters at TWoP must be at at least in their 20s, but I suspect I am wrong. Perhaps they are all 14 years old.
I didn't have any feelings about Ashley's character of Emily before I started reading their comments. Now I am in complete sympathy with her, simply because the others are so cruel. I hope none of them have started harassing the actress personally. I fear that some of them might, though.

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