Sunday, August 12, 2007

Aug. 12, 2007, Brass Armadillo part C

These are the items I placed for sale at the Brass Armadillo on Aug. 12.

1968 The People No Different Flesh, sell price $5
1976 Honey Hill Bunch dolls, sell price $10
1990s Barbie modeling head, sell price $4.50
1999 Fox Holiday preview press kit, sell price $5
1999 Barbie Fashion Avenue #23123-0320 Fashion Avenue Dress Up NRFB, sell price $4.50

The Ever After press kit, the Sindy doll and generic clothes, and the Maxie dolls and generic clothes have sold.

I removed the following items from the sale:
1989 #3218 Cool Times Teresa
1989 #8324 Maxie Freshly Gathered Floral
1989 #8263 Maxie’s Friend Kirsten
1990 #1806 Tyco Arista
1991 #7010 Pretty Teen
1992 #32320 Evening Gown Blair
1992 #32380 Talent Show Raquel
1998 #22994 Czar Nicholas
1998 #23000 Together in Paris Anastasia
1999 #18379 Skipper Teen Co.

I figure it's not my responsibility to let someone else buy these items at below their worth, and then turn around on sell them for the price I originally wanted on ebay, just because I don't accept Paypal/credit cards. What those arrogant Paypal-Ebay-heads don't want to accept is that the few items I've sold at Brass Armadillo, I've made a profit on. I've proved that there is life outside of Ebay!

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