Saturday, December 8, 2007

epier items

I've been placing items for sale at for weeks now, but have only just today discovered how to put a link for all of my items. It is
This is what I have:
1969 Twist N Turn Francie original pink swimsuit
1999 Bubble Fairy Christie NRFB
Barbie Benetton Fashion #9474 NRFB from 1991
Barbie Fashion Fun #7902 from 1986
Hot Stuff Skipper original outfit from 1986
How Stella Got Her Groove Back press kit
MC Hammer fashion #1093 NRFB from 1992
red and white crocheted potholder from the 1950s
The Return of Starbuck VHS and some other Battlestar Galactica items
Skipper #9747 Red Set for When It's Wet raincoat from 1977

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