Sunday, April 27, 2008

april 27, 2008, finished skipper list

I inserted my 1964 to 1999 Skipper list a bit prematurely earlier this month. I kept having to add to it, but I think it is finished now. As you will see, if you compare the Skipper list to the Barbie list, the Skipper list is much more thorough, simply because there were far fewer dolls made.
I've also been periodically updating the Barbie list if I learn of other dolls. I think I've got every American version of Barbie listed made between 1959 and 1999. It's just that whenever I acquire a new reference book, I find other foreign-market dolls that I never knew existed.
So as of right now, I believe that I've got close to 2,400 versions of Barbie listed. In contrast, I've got about 150 different versions of Skipper, and with her list I've included her friends and acquaintances. In regards to Skipper, I've also included the stock number, country of origin and other pertinent details. There are just a few tiny holes of information that I hope I can someday fill in. I specifically want to thank Cindy Bin for looking up a stock number for me.

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