Tuesday, June 3, 2008

finally, someone from ebay with the same experience

I've been reading ebay's Seller Central forum for four years, and this is the FIRST, I repeat, the FIRST, time anyone ever talked about having the same experiences as I had. Someone who would buy small inexpensive items for $1 and resell them for $3 or $4, or would buy something for $7 and resell it for $12. I did that for years before ebay came along, and during my first two years with the company, I continued to do the same. It was a good way to get a little extra spending money.
But then ebay raised its listing and final value fees, and then said that if you wanted to use Paypal, you had to accept credit card payments, which was yet another fee. Yes, you'd be losing money on small items if you did that. So I stopped accepting Paypal altogether, and then, because of the economy and because so few people were collecting playline 70s, 80s and 90s Barbies anymore, the bids stopped. So I unregistered with ebay a year ago, long before it ever started getting complaints about its feedback system.
Anyway, this is the link. I can't participate anymore, because I'm not registered anymore. I wish I could contact this seller. I'd love to continue this discussion here. And if we did start a discussion, I'd love to have someone link it to Seller Central, so that those arrogant asshole Powersellers would realize that their opinions regarding the holier-than-thou ebay and Paypal weren't the only ones.

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skippercollector said...

I've figured out why this cigar box guy was the first person to ever post at Seller Central who had had the same experiences that I had had. I posted a similar question at In the Pink regarding selling Barbie dolls, and no one responded. So it does mean that me and Cigar Box's guys' situations were unique; that we were the only sellers who sold merchandise in the format that we did. I wonder why?