Tuesday, July 1, 2008

smaller food boxes

There have been news articles written in the past few months about how food companies are making smaller portion boxes to keep the prices of food the same as they've been in the past. In other words, a box of Cheerios is the same price, only the box is smaller. All of the articles have treated this subject negatively, as if General Mills et al were trying to cheat the buyer!
I think these smaller portions are wonderful! No one has ever mentioned the food buying practices of a single adult living alone, and these are great for me! No more having to cook larger portions and then having the option of eating the same thing four days in a row before it gets bad, or having to toss the uneaten portion. No more eating the same processed food for 10 days because that was what I bought and I feel bad about throwing it away. I can completely finish a smaller package of cereal or salty snacks or cookies without it getting stale or just pitching it.

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