Monday, December 15, 2008

Dec. 15, 2008, still throwing garbage away

It doesn't matter if I eat healthy or not, I still throw away the same amount of stuff.
If I go to a fast-food drive-thru and pick up a sandwich, french fries and drink, I come home with the bag and its containers. I throw the paper and plastic away, plus the leftover french fries because there are always too many.
Yet if I go to the grocery store, come home with meat, vegetables and fruit to prepare, I still throw much of it away. Why? I've got to pitch the packaging that they came in. Then there are the parts that aren't edible anyway, such as a bone in the meat or seeds or stem in the fruit. And then, the worst part is the leftovers I toss. Since I live by myself, even if I buy just the smallest packaged amount, it's still enough for at least three meals, and by two meals I'm sick of it.
Not to mention the fact that because of my supertaster tongue and irritable bowel syndrome, bitter-tasting protein and high-fiber vegetables are difficult for me to chew, swallow and digest anyway, so I eat only small amounts of them at a time. I can eat a few bites fine, then the next few bites I force myself to eat, then I throw away the rest on my plate.

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