Monday, April 20, 2009

quit the imdb

I have unregistered with the Internet Movie Database. I quit the IMDb this morning, just as I quit Television Without Pity last year, ebay the year before and some of the Yahoo groups three years ago. My reasons for leaving each one are entirely different from the other, but in summary, none of them were working any more the way they used to. Their original purposes have been abandoned, they've been taken over or are being run by people whose attitudes and ideas are 180 degrees from mine, and they are useless to many people now.
As for the IMDb, a brief sentence will suffice:
IMDb has been taken over by conspiracy theorists, hatemongers, and young men ages 15-35 who think the most important aspects of popular culture are the following: The F word, special effects, lack of originality and sarcasm.

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