Saturday, June 6, 2009

my reviews on movietome

I'm so glad I left the IMDb and registered with movietome! Since not many people use movietome, I've had the site pretty much to myself and have been able to write my movie reviews without any comments saying that I'm an idiot. There aren't the foul-mouthed young men, conspiracy theorists and CGI fans that have plagued the IMDb in the past few years either.
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I see an average of one movie a week, and as I said a long time ago, I'm not seeing movies that are remakes, sequels, based on comic books or based on TV shows. So my reviews are much more varied, and are far more representative of both what a female audience would see, and what someone with a (hopefully slightly--that includes me!) higher IQ would see.
My reviews are just one or two paragraphs, but in the past six months I've added quite a few. I just start a new listing in a particular category.
I hope that more people will be participating, especially women, because women as reviewers of movie and TV series on the Internet are rare. When there are folks such as myself who attempt to do it, our words are quickly drowned out by the aforementioned rude folks I wrote about in the first paragraph.

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