Saturday, April 3, 2010

skipper's given name

People have asked me over the years what Skipper's "real" name is. There isn't one. There never was. I've always theorized that her first name started with an "s" and I also think that her middle name started with a "k."
So what were some possibilities? You have to realize that this doll was first on the market in 1964, and she was being designed in 1963, so her name would have had to have been a late-era Baby Boomer name.
Some suggestions: Susan (not Suzanne), Sharon, Sandra or Sally (not Sarah or Sadie). Kathleen/Kathy (not Katherine or Kaitlyn or one of their umpteem variations), Karen or Kimberly.
But on the other hand, we didn't learn that Tutti's name was actually Stacie/Anastasia for almost 30 years! So maybe we're still waiting to learn Skipper's "real" name!

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