Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Barbie comics 1994

Barbie 37, January 1994. Three-part story called Holiday in Thailand by Trusiani which is set in late November and features Barbie, Skipper and Courtney. Barbie is making a movie, which Skipper and Courtney come to watch. Skipper & Courtney are asked to make a commercial about American tourists. Another “nerdy Courtney” story, which is getting tiresome.

Barbie 40, April 1994, is a laugh-out-loud all-Skipper issue. The story is called Romance Forever, by Trina Robbins, and it’s quite surreal. Skipper's drama class gets a homework assignment to write a romantic play. (Her teacher is named Mr. Curtin. Get it?)  First Barbie suggests Romeo and Juliet. Skipper dreams she and Kevin are the couple, and they get bored because there are no cars or TV. Then Barbie suggests Gone with the Wind. Skipper dreams she is Scarlett, complete with blonde Nellie curls and an oversized hoop skirt. She nixes the idea of GWTW, because all of the hoop skirts won’t fit on the school stage. Lastly she reads The Once and Future King. In the last dream, Barbie and Ken are Guinevere and Arthur, and Skipper is, errr, Princess Skipper.  I don't remember Princess Skipper in any King Arthur stories! Also, Barbie and Ken get mad at her because of high bills she’s incurred from shopping.

Barbie 41, May 1994, Miranda’s Mystery, by Trina Robbins. Skipper helps a woman who is deaf find a job.

Barbie 42, June 1994, Cheer-Full Performance, by Trusiani. Skipper takes Barbie’s advice and eats a healthy lunch and rests before the talent show. Alas, Skipper’s friends do not, and she finds them sleeping on the dressing room floor. She must go onstage by herself.

Barbie 43, July 1994, features another of Skipper’s surreal dreams in A Turtle’s Tale, by Barbara Slate. It begins with Barbie and Ken fixing their boat. Skipper dozes off, and dreams it is 1492. Captain Barbie, First Mate Ken and--get this--Skipper Skipper(!) are sailing for the New World. They reach land, only to find that an alien spaceship has gotten there just before them. The aliens are pink!

Barbie 44, August 1994. Barbie and Skipper visit Niger and Zaire. In the first story, they get caught in a sandstorm in Niger.  In the second story, they learn about the habits of chimps.

Barbie 45, September 1994, Practice Makes Perfect, by Barbara Slate. One of the best stories of the series with Skipper and Courtney on a baseball team. The team is called, not surprisingly, the Pink Sox. The story starts out as yet another klutzy Courtney tale, but progresses beyond that.

Barbie 46, October 1994, Trailblazers, by Lisa Trusiani and Angelo deCesare. First, Barbie, Skipper, Courtney and Teresa go camping. Courtney’s still a nerd. Second, there’s a pioneer fair, and Courtney wins both the cornhusking and guess-the-cow's-weight contest. Skipper wins the raft race.

Barbie 47, November 1994, Doing the Write Thing, by Trusiani and DeCesare. Skipper befriends a new boy, Adam, and learns why he isn’t in school. In Sitting Pretty on Your Nose, Skipper and her classmates in a school fashion show all wear glasses on the runway.

Barbie 48, December 1994, The Fire That Never Went Out, by Trina Robbins. Barbie and Skipper visit an English castle. The story is reminiscent of the 1960s Barbie stories.

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