Saturday, May 22, 2010

Barbie Fashion Comics 1991

Barbie Fashion Comics were introduced two weeks after Barbie Comics. Barbie Fashions was much better written, but did not last as long.

Barbie Fashion 1, January 1991, White Wash. This is a funny one. Skipper borrows Barbie’s white sweater, and the sweater is tagged “Barbie!” The drawings are of Cool Tops Skipper and Courtney. It’s their first day of school. Skipper tries to keep Barbie’s white sweater clean all day. The story is very Betty-and-Veronica-like.

Barbie Fashion 5, May 1991, The Latest Fashion, by Barbara Slate. Skipper wears a goofy hat that covers her eyes to school. This Old Chair, by Barbara Slate. Barbie buys an antique wood chair and she and Skipper restore it.

Barbie 6, June 1991, Ability, by Trusiani. Skipper and her new classmate Angela, who is in a wheelchair, go on a treasure hunt. Angela will appear again and again throughout both Barbie Comics and Barbie Fashion. Be a Sport, by Trusiani. Skipper and Courtney skip school to spend the day with Barbie on a modeling shoot. Their day is, of course, much more difficult than being in school.

Barbie 7, July 1991. Another of Skipper’s friends is introduced. It’s TIFF! Remember her? And this time she's African-American! The cover shows Barbie holding a cake that says “Happy Birthday Skipper.” The issues always run two months early so it was published in May. Swap Till You Drop, by Trusiani. Skipper, Courtney and their friends clean out their closets and trade a lot of clothing. Birthday Blues, by Trusiani. Skipper thinks everyone is ignoring her on her birthday. The story is reminiscent of the Barbie surprise birthday party in the 1964 Wonder book “Barbie’s Adventures to Read Aloud” by Jean Bethell.

Barbie Fashion 8, August 1991, Enchanting Indians, by Trusiani. Another Skipper dream sequence. She fell, hit her head and got knocked out. For just a few seconds, she dreams she is living with the Pueblo Indians in Colorado 700 years ago.

Barbie Fashion 9, September 1991, If There’s a Will, There’s a Way, by Slate. Skipper breaks her right leg pole-vaulting and is stuck at home. She befriends a group of basketball players who are all in wheelchairs, and learns to play basketball while in a wheelchair.

Barbie Fashion 10, October 1991, What is Pop Art?, by Slate. Barbie and Skipper are at a museum with a pop art exhibit, & Skipper sets down her can of Coke. You can guess what happens. A docent leading a tour thinks the can is a piece of artwork.

Barbie Fashion 12, December 1991, Cave Girl Barbie, by Trina Robbins. Barbie has a Flintstones-like dream where she and Skipper live in the Stone Age.

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