Monday, July 5, 2010

Barbie Fashion Comics 1994

Barbie Fashion 37, January 1994, Sweet 16 Snowstorm, by Slate. Barbie’s and Skipper’s friend Rachel Green, a volunteer at General Hospital, has a different idea of what her 16th birthday party should be than what her mother is planning.

Barbie Fashion 38, February 1994, The Sound of Music, by Slate. Courtney tries out for a Christmas choir, but loses her voice. The New Year is Here, by Slate. Skipper makes five New Year’s resolutions but she can only keep one. Her winter coat looks like Chilly Chums. Hip Hop Hooray, by Slate. Kevin tries to find a way to ask Skipper to a dance. How many dances does their school have?

Barbie Fashion 40, April 1994, The Better Sweater. Skipper gives a lot of her old clothes to charity, but decides to keep a pink cardigan. The sweater looks like the one from School Days from 1964. Barbie just sews new heart-shaped buttons on it.

Barbie Fashion 41, May 1994, April Fools, by Slate. We learn that Skipper’s favorite day of the year is April 1.

Barbie Fashion 44, August 94, It’s Instinctive, by Slate. Skipper’s really a dimwit in this, not understanding why wild animals run from humans.

Barbie Fashion 45, September 94. Melissa’s Dress Mess, by Slate. Another Skipper dream sequence--she’s in ancient Rome & has the name Skipperus. There are two more parts to this story, in which Skipper tries to tell her friend Melissa that her dress is ugly. No Fun in the Sun, by Slate. Skipper tries to decide which sunscreen and sunglasses she wants to buy to take to the beach. The red sunglasses she buys look exactly like the ones that came with 1972’s Fun Runners.

Barbie Fashion 46, October 1994. My Name is Amy, by Slate. Skipper’s friend Amy is constantly putting herself down, much to Skipper’s chagrin. A Fishy Story, by Slate. Skipper needs to come up with an idea for an environmental poster.

Barbie Fashion 47, November 1994, The Visit by Slate. Barbie’s college roommate Cynthia comes to visit her after Cynthia breaks up with Matt. Skipper teaches Cynthia how to play backgammon. Oh, and trivia: Barbie and Ken are members of Valley View Country Club.

Barbie Fashion 48, December 1994, Who’s Haunting Whoooo?, by Slate. Skipper and Courtney hide upstairs in an old house where Barbie and her friends have a Halloween dance. The spooky sound effects tape that Skipper and Courtney play scares everyone. What no one realizes is that the old house really is haunted! This is long, clever and funny story.

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