Monday, August 12, 2013

fashion starters

In 1990, Walgreens (yes, Walgreens) had a series of Barbie and Skipper outfits that were only sold at the drugstore.  Michael Augustyniak's books do not mention this series, called Fashion Starters, with packaging dated for 1989.  The outfits were:

Barbie Fashion Starters
721-1 lavendar swimsuit, striped towel, yellow binoculars
721-2 white halter top, red print shorts, red gym shoes
721-3 white T-shirt, lavendar skirt and socks, white gym shoes (same as 717-1 Sporting Life Tennis, Anyone?, which is in blue and has more accessories; or All-Stars 2488 with a white T-shirt and pink skirt)
721-4 pink Camp Barbie T-shirt, denim shorts, pink gym shoes (same as Sporting Life 717-3, but with fewer accessories; or All-Stars 2496 with a dark blue denim top and shorts)

Skipper Fashion Starters
721-5 blue bikini, yellow binoculars (variation of Trendy Teen 714-1 which is pink)
721-6 pink nightshirt, blue plastic teddy bear (variation of Trendy Teen 714-2 which is blue)


D7ana said...

Thanks for this information! Do you have photos of the Skipper fashions? I would love to see them. Thanks in advance for any links, etc.

skippercollector said...

I've added the photos.