Sunday, August 18, 2013

Skipper's summer shorts outfits

Here are Skipper’s shorts outfits, up through 1999, for hot summer days. There are other shorts outfits, but they are made of heavier cloth and are really meant for spring or autumn. Surprisingly, there aren’t as many as you think there should be. 1967 #1947 Lolapaloozas, 1969 #1966 Jeepers Creepers, 1969 #1975 Sunny Suity (although I personally think this is a pajama set), 1970 #1513 Young Ideas, 1970 #1733 Rik Rak Rah (although this is actually a cheerleading outfit), 1970 #1738 Fancy Pants (the earlier versions of this outfit had a separate pair of blue cotton shorts, but later versions did not include them), 1971 pack Sporty Shorty, 1974 #7848 Beachy Bits for Sunny Fun, 1975 Growing Up #9023, 1977 #9706 Jeans Style, 1983 #5810 Smooth Sailing, 1985 #7978 Skipper Saves the Day, 1989 #2579 Bahamas, 1990 Trendy Teen bicycling outfit, 1992 Trendy Teen yellow and black outfit, 1993 Trendy Teen purple print outfit that matches Stacie’s, 1993 Trendy Teen orange outfit with peplum, 1993 Trendy Teen black and pink bicycling outfit

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