Monday, October 21, 2013

barbies in a movie theatre

I visited the Ohio Theatre in Madison, Indiana, on Sunday.  This is a 1930s Art Deco downtown theater with a huge auditorium.  It is about 70 miles southwest of Cincinnati.
I went there for two reasons:  One was because it was showing The Lone Ranger and I HAD to see it AGAIN!  (viewing number 20).   The other was that I have long wanted to go to an old-fashioned downtown theater and there aren't that many left in existence on Earth.
The owners are Tony and Laura Ratcliff, who are restoring the building.  I discovered that Laura is also a Barbie collector.  In the lobby are glass display cases with her Bob Mackie and Byron Lars dolls.  Although I've seen most of the Mackies at doll shows and doll shops over the years, I had never before seen all of them deboxed and lined up in a display case.
In other words, I had a wonderful afternoon drive!  The weather was perfect and the drive was pleasant.  One of my favorite movies, plus Barbies and getting to do a bucket list item all at the same time!


D7ana said...

Wow, that sounds like fun. Serendipity, coming across the dolls like that ;-)

Thanks for sharing the link!

skippercollector said...

I've suggested to the Queen City Barbie Doll Club that we all take a road trip some day to meet the owners and see a movie there. Everyone is very interested!
I am glad you liked the link. It was a neat place to visit.