Monday, March 17, 2014

Skipper's 50th birthday

Skipper turned the big 5-0 more than a month ago, but it is only now that I have been able to photograph and write about her various birthday party outfits.  I've divided her dresses by decade and have included some accessories if I own them.
Some of the ensembles aren't immediately apparent as being for birthday parties; it's only by their name or extras that you can figure that out.  This is not a complete list; it's just of the ones I own.  Unless otherwise noted, the dolls and outfits are from the same year.

1960s, left to right
Twist N Turn blonde in #1974 Eeny, Meeny, Midi (came with a wrapped gift), 1969
bend leg blonde in pack Party Pink, 1965
Twist N Turn brunette in #1955 Posy Party (the hose will not fit over her legs), 1968
straight leg blonde in #1914 Platter Party, 1965
Twist N Turn blonde in #1970 Ice Cream N Cake (came with a sundae), 1969
bend leg redhead in #1924 Tea Party, 1965
straight leg brunette in #1919 Happy Birthday, 1965
The dolls on the left have two of the My Merry Skipper invitations.
Posy Party and Ice Cream N Cake were two of my to-die-for outfits as a little girl.  As an adult collector, they were some of the first things I bought.

1970s, left to right
SunSet Malibu in #9512 We're Having a Party and You're Invited, 1976 (originally came with an invitation that said this, but I don't have one)
blonde Twist N Turn  in #1513 Young Ideas (came with a wrapped gift), 1970
Pose N Play in #3297 Party Pair (I don't have the shoes or stockings), 1972
SuperTeen in #9746 Lacey Charmer and Party Timer
1978 SunSet Malibu in #9707 Garden Party from 1977

1980s, left to right
Teen Time in #2608 Party in Pink (the leggings will not fit over her legs), 1989
Super Dance in #5816 Party Perfect, 1983
Party Teen Fun in her original outfit, 1988

1990s, left to right
Beauty Pageant in Party N Play #9028, 1991
Baby Sitter in Party N Play #9043, 1991
Sun Jewel in pack Pretty for Parties, 1994
Cool Tops in Trendy Teen #714-6, 1990
Porcelain Happy Birthday in her original outfit, 1994
Tropical Splash in #12618 Tea Set for Two (a contemporary rendition of Posy Party), 1995

Last but not least, I am showing you a 1964 blonde straight leg Skipper in her original swimsuit, standing next to the 1984 Sun Gold Malibu Skipper.  The Malibu doll is wearing #4876 Pool Party from 1984, which is Skipper's unofficial 20th birthday outfit.

The birthday cards are--ahem--mine.

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D7ana said...

Congratulations on your Skipper collection. Aside from the Malibu Skipper from the late 1970s and one Babysitter Courtney (big-head), most of my Skippers are from the late 1990s-2000s. The open mouth smiling teen Skipper face that Mattel made into several Coutneys and Nikkis and Scooby Doo Velma.