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The California line--The playsets and accessories

The entire gang at the Surf N Shop.
The shop had umpteen accessories which were too numerous to show.
Skipper is the only one who can stand on the surfboard.

Cover of the summer 1988 issue
of Barbie, The Magazine 
Betsy Loredo's story
in the summer 1988 issue of Barbie, The Magazine

1988 #4461 California/California Dream Surf Shop (Original purchase price $8.99.)  It came with numerous accessories, including a long T-shirt that could double as a nightshirt.
1988 #4462 California/California Dream Hot Dog Stand
1988 #4520 California Dream Beach Taxi
1988 #5163 California Ice Cream Cart sold only in Europe
1988 #7939 California Dream Dune Buggy
1988 #7762 California Dream Pool Party
1988 #7767 California Dream Patio Pool Party.  Also known as California Dream Malibu Beach Party
1988 ? Club California Barbie Cabriolet
1988 #4930663 California Dream Jeep N Beach Party
1989 Estrela ? Lanche Legal (Cool Snack) sold only in Brazil.  Same design as the Hot Dog Stand
1990 Estrela ? Surf Sport Shop sold only in Brazil

1988 Barbie, the Magazine for Girls, summer 1988, with California Dream Barbie and Ken on the cover.  (Original purchase price $1.95.)  The short story inside was called “Volleyball Victory,” by Betsy Loredo.  It’s about a team called The Waves (California Barbie, Christie, Midge and Teresa, and Dr. Ken) against another team called The Beach Balls.  Others in the story are Nurse Whitney and Cheerleader Teen Skipper.  The article mentions the Surf N Shop, the Hot Dog Stand and the Beach Taxi.
1988 Barbie Journal, fall/winter 1988, published in Germany, had two beautiful photos of the new line of dolls.
1988 Thermos ? Club California lunchbox sold only in Canada
1989 Golden #1146-8 California Dream Big Coloring Book
1989 Golden #4914 California Hot Dog Stand Barbie and Ken frame tray puzzle (Original purchase price at Children's Palace $.99 on July 16, 1990.)
1989 ? ? California Barbie Travel Set
1990 Arco #7478 California Dream Barbie 5 1/2-inch plastic rotating miniature  (Original purchase price at Woolworth's $2.99.)
1991 Applause ? California Barbie rubber 3-inch tall miniature

from the fall 1988 issue of Barbie Journal

From the fall 1988 issue of Barbie Journal

From the 1989 Estrela booklet in Brazil

From the 1990 Estrela booklet in Brazil

1989 Golden Frame Tray Puzzle

Arco sold many variations of its mini spinners, which can be linked together.

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