Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Amaze Chase, best of the longer Dreamhouse cartoons

The new Life in the Dreamhouse episode is "The Amaze Chase," a mini-movie at 25 minutes in length.  It's by far the best of the longer videos and doesn't drag like the other lengthier ones did.
Obviously it's a parody of The Amazing Race, with five teams driving across Barbie's version of the United States.  One team gets abducted by aliens.  Skipper leaves the Roberts team to race with Raquelle, and when you see the two girls/dolls side by side you realize that they look very much alike.  This incarnation of Skipper looks far more like Barbie's enemy than she ever did with Barbie.
Details I noticed: the 1987 red Ferrari, the 1990 pink Western Fun Motor Home and the 2012 Skipper light blue golf cart.  There are several references to Independence Day and V.  Ken's last name of Carson is mentioned, as is the town of Willows.
The most interesting detail is at the end.  There's a cast list, which has never been included before.  Cast members are:
Barbie: Kate Higgins
Skipper: Paula Bodin
Stacie: Paula Bodin
Chelsea: Laura Gerow
Raquelle: Haviland Stillwell
Nikki: Nakia Burris-Gavino
Teresa: Katie Crown
Summer: Tara Sands
Midge: Ashlyn Seylich
Ken: Sean Hankinson
Ryan: Charlie Bouden
Haviland Stillwell also voiced Barbie's pets, Tawny, Blissa and Lacey.

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