Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 31, 2015, new epier and etsy listings

I have placed a few new items on etsy and epier, and moved a number of items from epier to etsy.  Here is the new list:

on epier:
2001 Knits for Barbie Doll pattern book

1998 Barbie and Ginger shirt and slacks

Harry Potter Valentine cards

on etsy:
Six sad-eyed children pictures plus a doll

Mattel Disney dolls outfits accessories

1991 Pretty Teen NRFB

1991 Barbie Jewelry Box MIB

It's Me Bringing Home an "A" NRFB

1992 Kenner Miss America Raquel NRFB

1993 Candy Blossoms Bubblegum Violet NRFB

1993 Snow Queen Mask NRFP

1987 Spectra Buffatron Bed MIB

1992 Kenner Miss America Blair NRFB

1989 High School Chelsie NRFB

1989 High School Jazzie NRFB

1988 Hasbro Makin' Waves Maxie NRFB

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