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Cases 1970 to 1974

1970 World of Barbie trunk

I've assumed (although I may not be correct) that the year mentioned on the case is the year it was copyrighted and not the year it was sold.  Same as the packaging for Barbie dolls and outfits.

1970 (dated 1969) #5199
The World of Barbie Doll Trunk
Made by Mattel
Available in pink or yellow
  • 1967 white Twist N Turn Barbie (which was never sold) in #1869 Midi Magic from 1969
  • 1968 blonde Talking Stacey (which was never sold) in #1879 Let’s Have a Ball from 1969
  • 1969 brunette Twist N Turn Barbie in #1861 Make Mine Midi from 1969
My doll is the blonde 1967 Twist N Turn Barbie in Midi Magic.

The beautiful 1970 Skipper cases
1970 (dated 1969) #4966
Skipper Doll Case
Made by Mattel
Available in orange or white
  • 1968 Twist N Turn Skipper in #1731 Budding Beauty from 1970 (the orange version of Budding Beauty was never sold)

One's first inclination is to think the dress pictured is #3465 Sweet Orange, but that was not sold until 1971.

My doll is the 1968 blonde Twist N Turn Skipper in Budding Beauty.

1971 (dated 1970) #5036
Barbie 3 Doll Trunk
Made by Mattel
The three dolls pictured are either a 1968 white Talking Stacey or a 1970 white Talking Barbie (which was never sold).
  • #1792 Mood Matchers from 1970 with purple slacks (which was never sold)
  • #1462 yellow and blue Rare Pair from 1970 (which was never sold)
  • #1451 pink Tangerine Scene from 1970 (which was never sold)

My dolls are the 1968 white Twist N Turn Stacey in Mood Matchers and the 1968 white Talking Stacey in Rare Pair.

1973 (dated 1972)
The World of Barbie Lunchbox
Made by Mattel, with the drink container by Thermos

  • On the front is Talking Busy Ken from 1972 in his original outfit and 1972 Malibu Barbie in #3488 Overall Denim from 1972.  Also pictured is the 1971 Country Camper.
  • On the back is a Malibu Barbie in a pink version of her swimsuit (which was never sold).  Her correct swimsuit can be seen on the side.
My doll is the 1972 Malibu Barbie wearing Overall Denim in one photo and her original swimsuit in the other.

Front of the 1973 lunchbox
back of the 1973 lunchbox

1973 hard plastic trunk
1973 (dated 1972) #5037
Barbie Travel Trunk
Made by Mattel.  The trunk holds four dolls.
Dolls and outfits pictured are from 1972.

  • Top: Walk Lively Barbie in #3359 Pants Perfect Purple and Walk Lively Steffie in a non-print version of #3360 Pleasantly Peasanty (which was never sold)
  • Bottom:  Walk Lively Steffie in #3482 Purple Peasant and SunSet Malibu PJ in a red version of #3353 Sports Star (which was never sold)
My dolls are the 1972 SunSet Malibu PJ in Sports Star and 1972 Walk Lively Steffie in Pleasantly Peasanty.

interior of the 1973 trunk

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