Sunday, September 27, 2015

Willows in the 1960s

1969 Barbie Family House, 1965 Skipper Dream Room and 1963 Barbie Dream House
The houses in Willows feature a great variety of colors and trims.
"Grass needs cutting," Barbie thinks to herself.  "It's up to everyone's knees!"

The last segments of my attempts at photographing my houses will be to show what I own in street scenes.  Basically I am creating a pictorial history of Willows, Wisconsin.  Again I am breaking up the segments by decade.

When you were young and took your dolls outside, did you notice that sidewalks made perfect Barbie-size streets?  They were wide enough to hold cars going in both directions, and the sections on either side could be used as sidewalks.  I must thank my sister Joan for allowing me the use of her front lawn, which is almost flat and has both curved and straight sidewalks.

These pictures are of three ranch houses in Willows in the 1960s.  You've seen these houses and dolls before, just photographed individually indoors.

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