Friday, October 9, 2015

barbie fairytopia

My next project is another one that, as far as I know, NO ONE has undertaken.  I would like to create a list of the various Fairytopia/Mermaidia/et al dolls.  These are all the post-2000 fairyland dolls aimed at little girls.  I've found a number of lists of the related movies, but none of the dolls themselves.
This is what I am looking for:
1.  The name of the doll, including the series name and the doll's name.  Is the doll named Barbie as xxxx, or does she have her own name?
2.  The stock number
3.  The year on the box
4.  If there is a second series name listed, such as if it is a movie or a sequel
5.  The height of the doll.  Is she 11 1/2 inches tall or another height?
6.  A photo, if possible, of the doll in or out of her box.
This is what I am asking:  If you could provide me the above information, I would like to start a list of year by year.  Even if you have only one or two dolls I'd appreciate it.  I would be sure to credit you with your information!

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