Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Willows in the 1990s part 1

Three of the businesses opening in the 1990s at the Willows Mall were the Cool Tops Skipper T-shirt Shop, a Pizza Hut, and the Barbie Movie Theatre. 
A poster on the side of the theater
advertises Ocean Friend Barbie.
Another poster in the theater is for Songbird Barbie.
The eighth notes on the upper left indicate that
the movie is a musical.

The Willows Mall was greatly expanded in the 1990s.  Three of its businesses were a T-shirt shop, a movie theater and a Pizza Hut.  I've put all three of my 1990s playsets together to make an indoor mall. From left to right are the 1990 #4955 Cool Tops Skipper T-shirt Shop, the 1996 #65033-91 Pizza Hut and the 1996 #14618 Barbie Movie Theatre.  Showing at the cinema are two movies, Songbird Barbie, a musical, and Ocean Friend Barbie, an adventure story.
(Note: Both Ocean Friend Barbie and Songbird Barbie were sold in 1996.)

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