Sunday, December 27, 2015

The little girls' post-Christmas party, Dec. 27, 2015

In the apartment complex where I live, there are 12 girls between the ages of 3 and 12.  Since word got out last summer that I am a doll collector, the girls have been periodically asking (AKA bugging) me about doll clothes.  There are a LOT of naked baby and Barbie dolls in the neighborhood!
I always have extras.  Many of the outfits are leftovers from when I have bought a doll case full of stuff.  I take the stuff I want, but not all of the items left are re-sale-able.  I had a large amount of recent, good condition items, a mixture of dresses, pants, shirts, shoes and accessories in several sizes.  I distributed some of them to a few of the girls last summer, but I had acquired more.
The mother and grandmother of two of the girls and I planned a short party for today, Sunday, Dec. 27.  We invited all of the girls over to the foyer/hallway/steps outside my apartment.  I put all of the clothes in clear plastic baggies, and included a hanger and shoes with each item.  There were a few new pieces I had purchased, which I removed from their packaging and also placed in baggies.  There was clothing for Barbie, Ken, Skipper and some baby/toddler dolls.
Each of the eight girls who attended the party got a number.  I then pulled a number out of a large glass and that girl came up to the table and selected an outfit.  I figured this method would be fair and the girls couldn't fight over anything that way.  There were enough baggies for them to do this routine twice, so each girl took home two outfits.  A few outfits were left over, and the mother who helped me will give them to the girls who were unable to attend.
We also served punch and candy canes.
Going through the game twice took about 40 minutes.  One of the girls came up and hugged me at the end of the party.  Everyone seemed pleased with what they got.  I took pictures but I don't want to put them on the Internet because I didn't ask the mothers if I could do so.

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Margarita Veasman said...

That is so cool!!! Do you have an instagram page? You can find me at @mamitadolls and @mamitadollsmarket (the second us where I do more of my doll love and sell my repeats) there is a big doll community there. Hope to see you there or pass and check me out! Loving all your info and pictures!