Monday, May 30, 2016

2 superstar outfits from Italy

This is the back of the 1980 Fur and Leather box.
Beauty Secrets Barbie models the fur suit
pictured second from left on the bottom.

The SuperStar Barbie logo was still being used in Italy in 1984.
This is the back of the Moda Profumata box.
Great Shape Barbie wears the
Profuma Liquerizia sweater dress,
even though it is too big on her.

I own two SuperStar Barbie outfits from Italy, one from 1980 and the other from 1984.  I am wondering if the Barbie dolls sold in Italy in the 1980s were slightly taller than their American counterparts, as the outfits were always too big on my dolls.  None of the outfits were numbered, although one set's outfits were named.
The 1977 SuperSize Barbie is on the cover of the Fur and Leather outfit, but it is not her size.  The liner notes were in English, French, German and Italian.  The English one said "Genuine fur, leather and woolens fashions."  The copyright information, translated from Italian to English, read, "Giacatollo conforme alle prescrizioni di sicurezza del D.M. 31/7/79," that is, "Giacatollo complies with the safety requirements of the D.M. 31/7/79. " I assume that Giacatollo was the Italian manufacturer, while D.M. is the copyright or trademark.  Since the exact date was listed, July 31, 1979, I presume the sale date was 1980.  The doll modeling all the outfits was the 1979 Sun Lovin' Barbie.
The 1984 Moda Profumata (Fragrant Fashion) package pictured what I think was the 1984 Crystal Barbie on the front, while the back showed 1980's Beauty Secrets Barbie modeling the four sweater dresses.  Sweater dresses were quite popular in the 1980s; I owned two of them and wore them a lot! The outfits were named:
Profumo Fragola/Scent of Strawberries
Profuma Liquerizia/Scent of Licorice
Profuma Cola/Scent of Cola
Profuma Ciaccolata/Scent of Chocolate
The liner notes were tiny!  They read, "Giacatollo conforme alle prescrizioni di sicurezza della legge 18/2/83 No. 46."  It meant, "Giacatollo conforms to the requirements of security of law 18/2/83." Again, since the exact date of Feb. 18, 1983, was mentioned, I assume the outfit was sold in 1984.

Some notes:  The scent of licorice on my outfit is long gone.  The bottom center leather outfits on the package are really cool and look like something for a female Robin Hood, or perhaps Maid Marian.  The leather outfits should really be worn by a straight-armed doll, as the leather is just a little stiff for bent arms to get through.

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