Sunday, November 13, 2016

willows in the 1990s, part 4

Remarkably, no one got into an argument despite their close living quarters while camping.  From left to right are 1993 Baton Twirling Skipper in #10077 Create Outrageous Fashions with Sweetheart Rhinestones, 1995 Spirit of Love Pocahontas in her original outfit, 1994 Camp Skipper in her original outfit, Cool Tops Skipper in her original outfit, 1994 35th Anniversary Barbie in Greatest Barbecue Ever, 1995 Spirit of Love John Smith in his original outfit, 1995 Sun Colors Nakoma in her original outfit and Camp Ken in his original outfit.
They brought plenty of food for camping!
This is a combination of the food that came
with the Pocahontas playset and the motor home.
The X stand on the right is for drying fish,
of which plenty was caught.  I think they might be trout.

Here's a better view of Camp Ken and the Baywatch Jeep.

Wishing Well Park in the 1970s (which I wrote about last week) by the 1990s had been changed to Willows Park (I just made all that up).  It's still a good place to go camping, offered with either full amenities or for completely roughing it.  Both versions can be seen here, side by side.

Contemporary camping was quite popular, as Mattel made many playsets for it in the 1990s.  Some of them were the #7460 Cool Tops Skipper Vespa Motorbike in 1990, the #11620 Starlight Motor Home tent in 1994 and the #67206 Baywatch Rescue Wheels Jeep in 1994.  Yet there were also numerous horses sold, as exemplified by Skipper's palomino pony #10081 Chelsie in 1993, and the various Pocahontas playsets in 1995, such as the #67218 Powhatan Village Play Set.

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