Sunday, January 29, 2017

Fashion doll competitors for sale on etsy

For the past month, I have been researching what many refer to as Barbie clones.  I have been able to identify dozens of my "other" dolls and outfits.  I've placed a number for sale on etsy.  Here is the list.

American Character Mary Makeup and Tressy

Avon Corey and Kenzie

Ben Cooper Dreamgirl USA swimsuit

Deluxe Reading Penny Brites

Durham Charly

Edico Missy Mod outfits

Eegee Dolly Parton

Elite Bonnie dress

Fab Lu Babs Femme Fatale gown

Hasbro Farrah Fawcett/Jill Munro and outfits

Hasbro Jems

Horsman Angie Dickinson/Pepper Anderson

Kellogg’s Calico Lassie

Kenner Dusty and Jaime

LJN Petite Boutique jacket

Lucky Fashion Corner dress and shirt

M&C Betty Teen

Male fashion doll clothing

Mattel Big Jim Eagle Ranger shirt

Mego Cher and two outfits

Midwestern Home Products Diana outfit NRFP

Nancy Ann Storybook Doll tag

Peggy Ann outfits

Premier fashion doll wedding gown

Remco Judy Littlechap Ya Ya dress

Sears fashion doll sewn clothing

Shillman Maxi Mod and outfits

Terry Teen swimsuit, dress

Totsy Twistee outfits

12 inch fashion doll clothing

Valentine Polly swimsuit, shirt

Woolworth’s Little Miss Marie

I still have many more items to research.  Every day when I would do a Google search, new items would pop up, meaning that others were placing photos of their old never-removed-from-box items by Shillman, Totsy and a myriad of other companies.  I hope that by the end of February that I will have some more items identified and be able to list them for sale.

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Barb the Evil Genius said...

I played with either Mary or Tressy at my grandparent's house when I was little. The face on the left looks more familiar, but she had bobbed hair. She wore a sleeveless waffle weave dress; I'm not sure where the doll or the dress came from.

I also had a Dusty paper doll set, but never got the doll herself. Skin cancer ahoy!