Sunday, October 20, 2019

PInk Stamps booklets vary

I have found four different versions of the 1990s Pink Stamp bookets.  There may be more.
There is one from 1990 that is dated 1989, with a mail-in rebate ending Dec. 31, 1990.  This one doesn't have a stock number.  The Barbie pictured is Feeling Fun from 1989.
There were three from 1990, dated 1989: 0007-1031 with one stamp, 0007-1032 with two stamps, and 0007-1033 with three stamps.  This mail-in rebate ending June 30, 1991.  The Barbie pictured is wearing Paris Pretty 6558 from 1990.  The stock numbers correspond with how many stamps were included.
Pink Stamp booklet from 1990, with no stock number.

1990 Pink Stamp booklet 0007-1031

1990 Pink Stamp booklet 0007-1032

1990 Pink Stamp booklet 0007-1033

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