Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April 1, 2008, just three fewer dolls than before

I updated my Barbie lists just a little bit. I consolidated a few items that I discovered were the same doll that either had different names or they were mentioned in two different years. So instead of 2,386, I now have 2,383.
I got a number of nice thank you notes from people for creating this list, since no one had ever done one before. But I was surprised that I didn't get any notes from people saying that "so-and-so" had been omitted. I know there are more dolls out there. There have to be!
Oh, and I suspect people were wondering why, if my Internet name is Skippercollector, why did I do a Barbie list instead of a Skipper list? Actually, I've done a number of less comprehensive Skipper lists over the years, and you can find them elsewhere on the Internet. So I consolidated all of those lists, added on what I found in some recent reference books, and hopefully by this weekend it will be ready to be published here.

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