Monday, May 3, 2010

1992 Barbie comics with Skipper


Barbie 14, February 1992, has two Skipper stories. The first is It's Challenging, by Slate and Trusiani. Skipper and Courtney bet against two boys that they are better athletes than the males. Oh, and Courtney gets a trumpet. In The Human Chain, by Slate and Trusiani, Ken, Barbie and Skipper lay down across a semi-frozen pond to rescue a dog trapped on thin ice.

Barbie 19, July 1992, Missed Manners by Lisa Trusiani. Courtney tries to impress Ray, an exchange student from Thailand, at an ice cream shop.

Barbie 20, August 1992, is an ALL-SKIPPER issue! In The Soccer Game, you get the perspectives of both Tigers player Skipper and Angels player Angelina. You never to learn who wins the game. Back to orange again. Skipper’s soccer uniform is orange. So am I to assume that Central Junior High School's teams are named Tigers? In Where Does the Sun Go?, Skipper is babysitting Molly, and uses yellow and blue balls to explain the sun's rotation. In The Special Athletics, Barbie and Skipper go to watch races in which physically challenged youngsters compete.

Barbie 23, November 1992, is another all-Skipper issue. I guess the writers were making up for the issues that didn't include her. Back to School Scramble, by Lisa Trusiani. Aunt Rose gives Skipper some new school outfits, but Skipper doesn't like them. Shy Guy, by Lisa Trusiani. Courtney wants to go to the school pep rally with Randy but she gets a bad cold. Meanwhile Skipper goes with Kevin. Lobster Tale by Trusiani is one of the cleverest stories in the series. Skipper and Barbie learn the secret of a huge lobster haunting the coast.

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