Saturday, May 8, 2010

1993 Skipper comic book stories

Barbie 27, March 1993, Dog Daze by Trina Robbins. Skipper’s Dalmatian Dotty is mistaken for a famous dog named Spot and is dognapped.

Barbie 28, April 1993, is unique. The first story is about Skipper, the second is about Ken! Funny Valentine, by Trusiani. Skipper and Barbie chase a clown who’s mistakenly gotten Skipper’s gown at a dry cleaners instead of his costume. Skipper’s dance dress is a red version of the 1985 Wedding Party bridesmaid’s dress.

Barbie 29, May 1993, Magic Moment by Trusiani. Barbie and Skipper are babysitting Donna and Jimmy, who want to be magicians. This is a long and surprisingly intense story for a child’s comic book, as Barbie and Skipper are in real danger. Spooky Spookers, also by Trusiani, features Kevin! He’s a practical joker who falls asleep during a school bus trip to a Western town.

Barbie 30, June 1993, Country Roads, by Trusiani. Barbie, Ken and Skipper meet Brandi, a girl Skipper's age who works on a farm and is a “cowgirl.” Part 2, Ride ‘em Cowgirls, also by Trusiani. Brandi tries to convince another farmer to hire her but she gets hired by a veterinarian instead.

There have been more and more all-Skipper issues, including Barbie 31, July 1993. In Journalistic Flair, by Trusiani, Skipper and Angela are sent to report on a baseball game while Kevin and Jim must cover a fashion show. In Take It Easy, by Trusiani, both Barbie and Skipper have bad days--Skipper at school, Barbie at work. I didn’t know Barbie could have a bad day.

Barbie 35, November 1993, New Kid on the Block, by Trusiani. Skipper befriends new girl Katie. Skipper helps Katie's mom plan Katie's birthday party. Girl’s Best Friend, by Trusiani. Skipper, Courtney and Angela get dogs from the pound and take them to obedience class. Angela names her poodle Pierre (unoriginal, if you ask me!). Skipper's mutt is Corky and Courtney’s dog (which must be part mastiff) is Tiny.

Barbie 36, December 1993, Halloween Hooligan, by Trusiani. Skipper is sleepwalking and rearranging items in the house.

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Barbie issue 25, January 1993, "The First Thanksgiving," by Lisa Trusiani, with artwork by Win Mortimer. A three-part story in which Skipper dreams that she and Barbie come over on the Mayflower to settle in Plymouth. They meet Squanto and learn to plant corn.