Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Skipper clothes 1964 to 1999

I created this list in Microsoft Excel and then made a series of jpg's of the series of columns.  You can click on the individual files to enlarge them.
It's been written numerous times that Barbie and family outfits sold from 1973 and after have only stock numbers, not names.  WRONG!  About half of the outfits every year have been christened; you just have to know where to look for the names.  Here is where I've found them:
1.  Named on the package, but not in the booklet.
2.  Named in the booklet, but not on the packaging.
3.  In Mattel dealers' catalogs.
4.  The outfit is named in a different country, but not in the United States.
5.  The outfit itself, such as a message on a T-shirt.
If you know of any more outfits, or their names and numbers, please tell me!
The lists show the stock number, name, year and what the outfit is for.  There are a few that I've never really figured out their purpose!


D7ana said...

Impressive list! I have to review this again when I have Internet at home. Thanks for sharing the names/titles of these Skipper fashions. I like how the photos get larger - viewable - when clicked on.

Nice to see which outfits I have from the later Skipper fashions.

Annette Gongora said...

Impressive List!! Is this available somewhere as a download or would I have to just print each page? Thanks!

skippercollector said...

Dear Annette,
If you email me at I can send you the lists themselves.
However, I have a Mac and the files are in Numbers rather than Excel. If you can't open Numbers, I can send you a bunch of jpgs (pictures) of the files.